Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Get A Move On

As I mentioned before I haven't been posting any articles lately due to the new and improved Blogger being a pain in the ass when I'm trying to properly format.  So I'll try it one more time.

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U.S. Representative Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) doesn’t believe climate change is man-made, it’s just the forces of nature at work. (He also claimed he got Covid 19 from wearing a mask but I digress.) During a subcommittee hearing he asked the associate deputy chief for the National Forest System if climate change could be fixed by altering the orbit of the moon or the Earth’s orbit around the sun. ( https://bit.ly/3krbo8S )   I didn’t know the Forest Service was part of the Space Force.

Such statements cast the image of the Republican party as anti-science. Louie’s moving statement was the source of amusement for some.

Don’t despair, Louie. Just take a look at the 1962 Japanese SF movie Gorath ( https://archive.org/details/1962Gorath_201811 ). The title refers to a runaway star entering our solar system with a mass 6000 times that of Earth. It’s gravitational pull is so great that it sucks off Saturn’s rings.

Like Louie’s proposal to fix climate change this movie involves moving the Earth of out its normal orbit. This move will help the planet dodge the approaching death orb.

But how to change the Earth’s orbit?  Check this out, Louie: mankind unites to build gigantic atomic powered jet tubes at the south pole.


But there’s a setback when the jets disturb the sleep of a prehistoric creature. Godzilla? No, its a blubbery giant walrus called Maguma, flippers flapping, destroying part of the jet tube installation. Don’t worry, Louie. We can use a laser to kill any such kaiju that might intefere with our plans.

One detail not addressed by moving the planet is what happens to the moon, how its orbit would be affected by a disruption in the normal interplay between it and Earth. But it doesn’t matter after Gorath devours the moon.

So watch the movie, Louie, and show the way to realistically fix climate change. Keep in mind the movie doesn’t address how to return the Earth to its normal orbit but hey – if climate change is eliminated then why worry?


Director Indiro Honda didn’t want a kaiju in this film but was forced to add one. He thought the story stood on its own without a monster on the loose. The above link in the article takes you to the original Japanese version with English subtitles that includes Maguma. The American version excised his scenes. Maguma looked too silly, earning the nickname Wally the Walrus.

I thought Maguma looked familiar and then I remembered an episode of the TV series Ultra Q that recycled the suit in a story about a plane that lands in another dimension.

Yes, Louie Gohmert is real even though Maguma is more believable.



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