Monday, November 19, 2007

It’s Academic

Fortunately Loren Coleman was there to set the record straight.

Over at Coleman has posted an article showing how academic types, despite their vaunted degrees, can get still get it wrong. (The Flatwoods Monster Decoded – 11/6/07.)

Coleman recently attended a conference in Maine, the Twenty-First Annual Conference of The Society for Literature, Science and the Arts 2007. He attended panels dealing with cryptozoology, his area of interest.

One such panel dealt with Gray Barker and the Flatwoods Monster incident. Four academic types – three of them from the University of West Virginia – discussed their research into the Gray Barker archives related to the sighting of a strange being in Flatwoods, West Virginia back in 1952.

To quote Coleman: “They mentioned many people I had worked with or have known, such as Ivan T. Sanderson, James Moseley, John Keel and Barker, so the material was firsthand to me.”

While he sat in the audience, Coleman noted a few historical statements that were incorrect in one of the four papers presented, “How to Make a Myth: The Flatwoods Monster as Cyborg,” by Nick Hales.

After the presentation the floor was open for Q&A and responses. No one in he audience (around 25 people) felt compelled to say anything – except Loren Coleman.

The focus of this essay isn’t the misstatements that Coleman corrected. He does an excellent job of covering them with his post. What concerns me is what would have happened if he wasn’t in the audience or didn’t speak up.

People would have walked away with misconceptions, assuming that they had real insights to the topic because some academic types supposedly discovered the truth.

I’ve seen this happen in other situations. The sheep assume an academic knows what he’s talking about because he has special letters preceding and following his name, unchallengeable marks proving membership in good standing in the priesthood of knowledge. (That’s my take, not Coleman’s. In another post, “Cryptid: Code Beyond Cryptozoology,” Coleman did say he enjoyed the conference; the people there were friendly and informative. He didn’t mention any problems like those with the Gray Barker panel.)

No, I’m not staying all college professors are pompous asses disseminating information tainted by egoism and lack of proper research. And I don’t know if the academics mentioned in Coleman’s essay are like that. But self-important “assademics” do exist.

Remember the Hale-Bopp Comet that put on a spectacular show years ago? During its apparition I attended a talk about HB presented by astronomy professor at a local college.

After his presentation, he was open for some Q&A. I asked that since some comets are associated with certain meteor showers, could there be a meteor shower caused by Hale-Bopp?

The professor dismissed my question in such a way that he made me feel stupid. He authoritatively stated that Hale-Bopp wasn’t in the proper plane to create meteor showers.

A year or so later I read an article about a new meteor shower, one apparently associated with the passing of the Hale-Bopp Comet.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Paul Kimball's Prediction

In a post at his blog, The Other Side Of Truth, Paul Kimball discusses a new book by author Jeremy Vaeni. (Nov. 2, 2007). He soon digresses, making an observation about certain folks in ufology "who seem to be obsessed with the notion that George W. Bush is a fascist anti-Christ." He also adds: "...when he (GWB) leaves office at the end of his term with no fuss, I'll be the first to say ‘I told you so’.”

A prediction, Paul? Gee, how can this be? After all, you took me to task for "predicting" that the war in Iraq would turn out to be a disaster. Of course, since I was considering the history of the region, from the Crusades to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, I should have expected Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL) was going to be a complete success, no long-term problems. Mission Accomplished!

Be careful with those predictions, Paul.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Who Really Drives The Saucer?

“My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?”

Many scholars have debated the meaning of those words uttered by Jesus dying on the cross. To R.L. Dione those words mean only one thing: it’s conclusive proof that Jesus was in contact with an UFO.

In his classick book, God Drives A Flying Saucer, Dione claims that Jesus had his pain relieved by hypnosis induced by an ET God. But the pain became too much for even a trance to control.

On page 114 (Bantam Books, 1973), Dione claims:

“In the last analysis the incident makes sense only when we conclude that Jesus experienced more pain that he had been led to believe he would. And his knowledge that the saucerian above was reading his mind (thus being aware of his suffering) was allowing the pain to continue despite his ability to stop it. This saucerian (God) may in a sense have betrayed Jesus after all. He may have allowed Jesus to suffer a little more than promised in order to remain above reproach in the matter honesty. For someday, when He reveals the whole story to us, God will show that at no time has He ever lied. And He will no doubt reproached us for having all the facts and still not being able to understand the truth.”

Even with a supertechnological God, His mysterious ways must be accepted on blind faith.

But Dione’s Saucerian God still comes across as too petty, too arrogant. Isn’t God supposed to be the ultimate expression of love? Where is the love when SG treats lowly human subjects as expendable pawns? Even Jesus was used and abused to create a new faith, all part of SG’s master plan of deception.

No supernaturalism was involved during Jesus’s life on earth. Of course, the star over Bethlehem was nothing more than a luminous flying saucer. And the miracles performed by Jesus? As explained previously, Dione says they are just magic tricks performed with advanced alien technology.

The brain manipulator, long-range hypnosis, and other such ET controls would come in handy centuries later with other pawns. Like Hitler, used by Saucerian God in an attempt to wipe out atheistic Russian. Never mind that many innocent and faithful people were sacrificed in that failed scheme.

It’s obvious that R.L. Dione got it wrong. It’s Satan who drives a flying saucer.

Jesus, Saucerian Agent Of Deception

It’s easy to perform miracles when God, up there in his flying saucer, is backing you up with all sorts of supertechnological chicanery.

A brain manipulator and hypnosis can work around, not overcome, science.

R.L. Dione outlined the true story behind Jesus in his book, God Drives A Flying Saucer (Bantam Books, 1972). He claimed that the being we call God is actually an alien who has been secretly influencing events on earth for centuries.

As Dione points out, little is known about Jesus until he reached adulthood. This is because time was needed to make him the perfect agent of deception: education, indoctrination. Like a sleight of hand trickster, Jesus had to practice how to perform his miracles without any hitches. And, adds Dione cryptically, maybe this human chosen by Saucerian God had to undergo some biological changes.

Another reason why Jesus stayed in the background for thirty years is because his master had to set up some other pawns to be triggered later.

This was done through mind manipulation. Dione explains: “By the use of hypnotism He (Saucerian God) created the twisted, blind and insane subjects Jesus was to cure at a later date.” Jesus couldn’t help the truly infirmed. He would just make a SG victim snap out of a mentally induced state with a posthypnotic suggestion. A withered hand was mentally, not physically, deformed.

After all, Jesus couldn’t defy the laws of nature. To Dione even a Saucerian God has to play by science’s rules. Dione backs up his reasoning by saying there are no stories in the Bible about Jesus healing a person with a missing limb by causing a new one to grow. Apparently Dione subscribes to the fallacy that absence of evidence is evidence of absence.

Even the casting out of demons was done with SG hi tech trickery. Take the biblical story of Jesus driving demons from men into swine that in turn run off a cliff and drown. As Dione points out, while this is impressive stuff for back in those days, Jesus would have trouble repeating the same stunt in modern times because “he would have to contend with those members of society who are opposed to cruelty to animals.” (P. 105)

And that brings up an interesting scenario: Jesus being hassled by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

But whether it was lowly animals or humans, Saucerian God would use any earthly life form to achieve his goals.

Even, it seems, Jesus in the end.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Radio Station GOD

Experiments involving the implantation of electrodes in the brains of animals have shown that electrical stimulation to specific parts of the brain can control certain emotions. If these signals can be given directly, then theoretically they can be transmitted over a distance, to be received by our “brain radios.” -- God Drives A Flying Saucer, Page 33 (Bantam Books, 1969).

Did you know God in his flying saucer beamed messages to Adolph Hitler, manipulating the dictator so that the prophecies of Our Lady of Fatima would be come true?

Welcome to the world of R.L. Dione. A world where God is supertechnological, not supernatural, the leader of alien technicians from another world.

The miracles at Fatima during 1916 – 1917 were actually UFO encounters, claims Dione. The three children didn’t see and receive messages from the Angel of Peace and the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was high tech deception by God the Alien.

One of the Fatima prophecies claimed peace would ensue after the consecration of Russia to the Virgin’s Immaculate Heart. If the consecration wasn’t carried out, many would suffer, Russia would spread its errors to other nations.

Dione surmises that God The Alien was upset with atheistic Russia. One ploy was to bring Hitler to power so that he could overthrow the Russian Empire and change its godless ways.

So how did ET God manipulate Hitler? Dione says the human brain is akin to a radio: it can receive and emit electromagnetic signals. With their advanced technology the aliens could track a particular person by his radio frequency and then beam in “divinely inspired” thoughts.

When Hitler was imprisoned he wrote Mein Kampf, outlining his plans for world conquest. Radio Station GOD took advantage of Hitler’s confinement to make sure he would regard Russia as his prime target. Sounds incredible? Dione points out that divinely inspired writers in the Bible were imprisoned or otherwise immobilized when they saw the truth. And ET God deceived those writers, ergo, the same thing must have happened with Hitler.

But didn’t Hitler fail? Yes, observes Dione, and looked what happened: Russia did spread her errors around the world. So the prophecy was true.

Left unanswered by Dione is why ET God didn’t pick a better puppet to convert Russia to theism. After all, centuries before ET God made a perfect pick with another agent: a man named Jesus Christ.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Solution Is Now A Problem

Sleep apnea prevents proper rest. Airways constrict, the sufferer gasps for air, the sleep cycle is constantly interrupted.

CPAP is one solution. Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. Strap on the mask, activate the unit, and the increased pressure keeps the airways open during sleep.

As I’ve mentioned before I’ve been trying to deal with sleep apnea by using CPAP. But lately I’ve been hitting a wall.

Dead tired, I put on the mask. The machine activates and – bang! – I’m wide-awake. It’s refreshed me.

Or I do drift off but the mask slips and the seal starts leaking, “farting” with each breath. Adjust the mask. Drift off, move in bed a little, and then leaking air starts hitting my eyes. Another adjustment. And then another. I get pissed off after an hour of such torture and then give up, ripping off the mask. Then I finally fall asleep but I’ve lost an hour.

Of course, it isn’t a deep sleep, but at least it’s some rest. Lousy sleep is better than no sleep.

Excuse me. It’s time for a nap. Have to catch up with my sleep deficit.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Holey Book

How did this paperback book end up with a mysterious square hole hidden inside? Apparently it was the work of a particular type of bookworm: a bowl weevil.