Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Kimball Empties Roswell Saucer

Filmmaker/researcher Paul Kimball has seen the light – and it ain't a UFO.

For years he commented on various subjects including ufology at his Blogspot site, The Other Side of Truth.  I stopped by there the other day and couldn't access it.

With some Google searching I discovered that Paul has closed down that site.  The Other Side of Truth is now a subdomain at his personal website [ ].

On his Facebook page [ ] Paul announced the best of his writing from Blogspot is being transferred to his personal Website.  Also he will continue to comment on paranormal subjects such as ghosts but no more UFOs.

As I had suspected the Blogspot site was shut down due to the dust-up between Paul and UFO researcher Kevin Randle.

Just to hit the key points of the controversy:

Kevin belonged to a "Dream Team" of researchers searching for the truth behind the Roswell Crash.  Recently a rumor circulated that photographic slides from 1947 had been discovered that show aliens or deformed humans, proof that something strange did happen near Roswell.  Paul received emails from Kevin discussing the Dream Team research and the slides.

Through the email correspondence Paul learned some details that he felt should be out in the open, even though he would be violating Kevin's confidence.  Paul challenged Kevin's public assertion that Kevin wasn't involved in the investigation of the slides.

At his own blog, A Different Perspective, Kevin Randle presents his side of the story [ ] .  He says that he was out of the loop with the alien slide investigation and wasn't directly involved.

Paul also challenged Kevin in regards to Dream Team member Don Schmitt.  Don has faced accusations that he's a veracity challenged Roswell researcher.  With Kevin's emails Paul showed how Kevin in private still doubted Don Schmitt's honesty despite giving a favorable impression of Don in public.

Here is what Paul posted from Kevin's email:

"I hung in there with the unilateral decision to invite in Schmitt [to the Dream Team], even given his history of lying (which, BTW, continues in some arenas, and Schmitt's grab for the spotlight to the exclusion of all others). But this latest book [by Schmitt] seems to sink our effort before we even get to the end point."

Paul questioned Kevin's actions, saying that Kevin went along with the "evasions, half-truths, and untruths" because Kevin couldn't maintain objectivity in regards to Roswell.  Paul invoked the term "believerism" in describing why some are so blinded by Roswell = UFO.

Controversy erupted and now rages.  Some felt Paul should have never violated Kevin's trust.  Others praised Paul for getting the truth out.  In that latter group a few said Paul should have given Kevin a warning about the revelations before publication.

Because of the heat from rabid Roswell-Was-A-UFO-Crash believers and Randle supporters Paul Kimball is turning his back on ufology.

One could never accuse Paul of being mealymouthed.  Sometimes he states his views in undiplomatic terms.  Before his Blogspot site was closed he shared his opinion in a post entitled "Death of A Dream... by self-inflicted wounds" that Kevin Randle is "as slippery as an eel and has the ethical compass of a kumquat."

I contacted Paul via his Facebook page about the shutdown of his old blog.  He replied in part: 

"[A]s you may recall, I stopped blogging about two years ago and only recently started again... which was enough to remind me of why I stopped. The Other Side of Truth blog was fun for a while, but it's too closely linked to UFOs and ufology, subjects I have less and less interest in (particularly after the whole Randle brouhaha, which I found very disappointing, both in terms of Randle's behaviour but in the broader sense with people's reactions)."

Paul also clarified a point for me in another FB comment reply:

"I've always made a point of saying that I'm not in 'ufology' – I'm just an observer and student of it as a subculture, in the same way that conspiracists interest me... or neo-Nazis."

The late Jim Moseley observed that we will never learn the truth about Roswell because it was buried under too much bull flop.  And now with some of that stuff impacting the air circulation propeller, obscuring the real story even more, I think Jim was right.