Saturday, January 19, 2013

Conspiracy Wackos Punish Good Deed

On the morning of December 14, 2012, retired psychologist Gene Rosen, 69, was at home in Newtown, Connecticut when he heard gunfire. He just assumed it was a hunter in the nearby forest.

Later as he was leaving his house he encountered six schoolchildren and a bus driver in his driveway. The bus driver told him that they couldn't return to their school, there had been an incident.

Rosen invited the crying children inside and soon learned that they had fled from the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. He let the schoolchildren play with some toys, listened to their stories, and contacted their parents to pick them up. (Rosen had grandchildren so that's why the toys were around.)

For his aid and comfort Rosen was considered a hero. But with conspiracy wackos no good deed can go unpunished; it all has to be part of a dark plot. They accuse Rosen of being a "bad crisis actor," part of a hoax perpetrated by the government to do away with their right to bear arms. They have targeted him for harassment, spreading all sorts of lies on the Web.

How wacko are some of these people attacking Gene Rosen? On YouTube there are videos of news interviews with him. In the comments section, while some defend Rosen, others respond with comments like this one posted by JewsHateTheTruth911:

"The Jewish community is notorious to pedophilia and covering it up. Rabbis are constantly being caught molesting children, and they have fundraisers? to pay for their defense. Rabbis even have ritual circumcision with 'Oral suction', they actually suck the babies penis. Why you may ask? Because the Talmud says so:"

Rosen himself is referred to as a "pedo" in the comments. Solid evidence? Who needs that? The wackos watch the video, say that he seems to be a child molester, case closed. Maybe they don't like the fact that Rosen cries when recalling the incident; he's not a tough John-Wayne-type with six-shooters strapped to his belt. Whatever the reason, they judge the man only by appearances.

For example, this YouTube comment by theno1katzman:

"If i had children, I would not? want them around this guy because he screams pedophile. I do not condone anyone calling him on the phone and harassing him, but to think they interviewed a sick monster like this? if you actually believe his story, I feel sorry for you."

Well, at least that commenter feels targeting Rosen with harassing phone calls and email is going too far. Someone has standards, I suppose.

As for the wackoism, some believe the Sandy Hook school shooting is just a hoax. Others contend using the boogeyman of Satanism that the victims – 20 students and six adults – were sacrificed as part of a demonic act. These conspiracy theorists engage in hyperlogic, making connections when they are none, at best using coincidence as evidence.

Some of these wack jobs are part of the Sandy Hook Truth movement. Like the 9/11 Truthers, these people believe the government staged the event to give itself more power over its citizens. But don't take my word for it, just go to and read for yourself.


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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

ALFAs: My Mistake

In a previous post about Peter Gersten's Leap of Faith I mentioned that among the people hanging around Bell Rock were a couple of men dressed up as aliens, springy antennas on their heads, covered from head to toe with aluminum foil.

I call such a costumed person an ALFA -- short for an aluminum foil alien. I spotted the tinfoil twins in a news video from a TV station in Phoenix, Arizona, KSAZ Fox 10, that was covering the Leap of Faith event back on December 21, 2012.

If I had been paying close attention I would have noticed that the ALFAs clip was not part of the Leap of Faith story; the news program was switching from one story to another with overlapping video.

The shot of the ALFAs had a dateline banner saying BUGARACH FRANCE which was the scene of another end-of-the-world event centered around a mountain called Pic de Bugarach that supposedly concealed an alien vessel would come out and rescue true believers from doomsday. I had assumed the dateline banner was incorrect and that the ALFAs clowning around were part of the Peter Gersten event. I thought there was a mix-up, the wrong dateline was shown as I've seen happen with news programs.

I discovered my mistake after I recalled a UFO flap here in the US back in the 1970s. If memory serves me – sometimes it doesn't – TIME or Newsweek ran a photo of a couple of tricksters dressed up as ALFAs during the flap. They were lurking around at night in the woods, scaring the hell out of people, from what I recall. Fortunately no one they encountered was carrying a semi-automatic assault rifle. (Tinfoil makes lousy body armor.)

I wanted to write about ALFAs, maybe even finding a copy of the two tricksters I had seen in the news magazine. During my Google search I encountered two familiar characters who I had assumed had been hanging around Bell Rock in Sedona Arizona, waiting for Peter Gersten to leap into an interdimensional portal (or just commit suicide).

Well, it turns out the two ALFAs in the news video were indeed hanging around Bugarach, not Sedona. I've come across images of the guys with captions explaining they were in France, not Arizona. Here's an image (Credit: Marko Drobnjakovic / Associated Press) posted by The Detroit News in an article talking about doomsday hotspots around the world:

Anyway, I might be returning to the ALFA topic but with more research, taking the angle of photographic and video hoaxes. If I do I'll try to pay more attention to details.

Cheeky Response After Non-Leap Of Faith

On December 21, 2012 "UFO lawyer" Peter Gersten waited for a portal to open up over Bell Rock in Sedona, Arizona. With everything perfectly aligned at the time of the winter solstice, Gersten planned to leap from the towering rock and enter the portal, resetting the cosmic computer that controls our world.

But no portal and so no leap that day.

I've been trying to find more info about the aftermath of the Leap of Faith, the failure of the portal to appear. So far Peter Gersten has been staying low, under the Google radar. His website,, was inactive for a while but I decided to check it one more time. This image -- semi-censored by yours truly because after all this is a family blog -- greeted me:

A Google search using the keywords "Peter Gersten website" shows a link to the site and the above image with the note "A final word from Peter." Only the image is found at the site, no commentary or other images.

Assuming that his site wasn't hacked by a trickster, what we see is Gersten (or a close friend) in the image atop Bell Rock. Gersten did claimed that our world is a hologram controlled by a intelligently designed program operated by a cosmic computer. He was quoted that a virus had infected the computer, screwing up our air, food and water. If the portal had opened, Gersten thought he would travel the center of the galaxy and restore balance, thus saving our world.

The image presently up at his website seems to be implying that since the portal didn't materialize, a full moon reset might work. No response to the attempt has been received yet from the galactic center.

Friday, January 11, 2013

A New Year With Snakes

So far 2013 is off to a rough start.

But at least I was able to get one long overdue project done, the scanning of the first eleven issues of my zine, Ray X X-Rayer, into easily accessible formats.

Back in 1994 I used Apple computers – Macs – to create and print out my zine. Since that time I moved on to PCs, mainly because used ones were cheaper and places like libraries used PCs for public access computers. The switch to PCs created compatibility problems with my Mac files. And even within the Apple system I ended up with another compatibility problem: the older floppies weren't readable on newer machines.

So while everyone was ushering in the new year, I was ensconced in my shoebox apartment/monastic cell, scanning hardcopies of my zines into PDF and Word formats. Maybe I'll have to reformat once again in the future when there's another major change with computer operating systems.

I did encounter some problems with the scanning but they weren't insurmountable, unlike other meatspace situations. I won't bore you with the details except to say that there's nothing like a petty disagreement to show you who your friends really are, what other people actually think of you, especially in a small community. No, not everyone is against me, just a couple of individuals. To use the appropriate pun, fangs for nothing.

Apart from that situation, I have another complication, right here in my neighborhood. A person with severe mental health problems moved in. No problem with that until the person – someone known for many years for sometimes committing severely erratic acts – stops taking medication and becomes full blown psychotic. How bad? Cops and ambulance bad. I'm trying to keep a low profile with this person, avoiding confrontation one time when this neighbor was yelling at me from across the street.

Ever see the movie, "The Snake Pit?" No, institutionalization isn't the answer for everyone with mental health issues. But after most institutions were closed, some patients have been tossed into society with any proper support. With the lack of any so-called safety nets they end up in personal snake pits.

A friend said that this neighbor has a right to live around here, even though he's aware of the sometimes severe behavior of this particular individual. I asked him if how he would feel if the same person was living next door to him. Silence. A NIMBY moment.

I have no problems with someone with issues as long as the situation doesn't affect my mental health (and more). I have some concern how things with this neighbor might turn out. It's been quiet lately but...

So how's your new year been going so far?