Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Monotony, Uncertainty and Eschatology

With all of this talk of doomsday -- Harold Camping resetting the date to October 21st and there's also the buzz about 2012 -- I wonder what drives some people to embrace the End Times whether they be Christian or New Age.

I think a few individuals want release from the monotony of daily living, the constant grind of working and making ends meet. They want some excitement, an escape from the deadly boredom. Stuck on a treadmill they question the purpose of life.

And while there's monotony, there also lurks uncertainty. Something bad could happen at any moment -- a car accident, a murder, a natural catastrophe. Some people want to jump to the end of the book and know how it all wraps up, no surprises.

Especially when it comes to the big question: Is there life after death? And more importantly, will I be rewarded for my struggles?

That's why when someone comes along and says, "Here's the date and good things will come your way if you believe," suckers are ready to line up.