Tuesday, September 22, 2020

A Good Memory Can Save The World

© 2020 Ray Palm

From Ray X X-Rayer #151.  

A while back Presidentoid Trump was boasting how he aced what he claimed was a difficult memory test. He was able to recall five words: Person, man, woman, camera, TV.

After an alien visitor is apparently killed in the movie The Day The Earth Stood Still(1951) a robot named Gort is activated to destroy the planet.  Only one woman has the key words to stop the robot: Gort  Klaatu Barada Nitko.  She faces the robot, repeating the four key words. Just in the nick of time she stops Gort's Cyclopean eye beam from disintegrating her. Gort stands down, the rampage is ended.

So what if Memory Master Trump had to recall the same keywords?

It would go like this:

"Uh... Mort. Kahlua Bacardi nicotine."

Ergo the world ends.

(9/25/20: Edited sentence for clarity.)

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