Monday, September 03, 2018

Do White Supremacists Hate Gray Aliens?

A Trump supporter told me: "It doesn't matter what happens.  Everything is going to fall apart anyway."

I hardly ever watch Fox News, Trump's favorite TV "news" channel.  At times FN will make a false statement and the "president" will repeat it.  I have enough bullshit in my life, thank you.

But the other night I was flipping through 100+ cable channels for something worthwhile to watch when I caught mention of alien abduction on one of FN's talking heads programs.  The Miami Herald endorsed a GOP primary candidate who ran for a Florida House seat despite revealing she had been abducted as a child by aliens and was still in telepathic contact with them. The candidate, Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera, lost the nomination.

The Greg Gutfeld Show -- which features the cackling host and his guests discussing topical issues -- had focused on this item.  This show is known for its "comedic" take on the news.

There was a purported comedy piece showing three animated gray aliens illuminated with brilliant backlighting slowly walking towards the viewer.  They shared their thoughts, saying they found Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera to be a charming person.  Then they added they were looking forward to invading Earth and devouring humans "skull by skull."  I imagine an alien monitoring Earth communications said to itself: "These hairless apes are still too dumb to contact. No gut laughs with Gutfeld."

Only two guests found nothing wrong with the candidates strange beliefs.  Terry Schappert, United States Army National Guard Special Forces veteran, said he had no problems as long as the candidate -- "this gal" -- supported Republican goals such lowering taxes, doing away with government regulation, and supporting a strong national defense. (He didn't mention other glorious Republican goals such as killing off "useless eaters" who can't afford health insurance and stopping those "uppity Negro" football players from kneeling during the national anthem in protest to racism.)

The host Greg Gutfeld had the last word, explaining why they were no aliens out there.  In a serious tone he said other extraterrestrial civilizations had followed mankind's path to extinction.  As he kept looking down at his notes he stated a civilization would evolve on another planet, developing technology to the point that artificial intelligence took other and eliminated that civilization.  (Sounds like someone is a fan of the Terminator movies.)

His "reasoning" had one glaring flaw: Couldn't the AI overlords on other planets be contacting people on Earth?

Greg said in 200 years we would end up the same way, extinct.  This explains why people like him don't worry about pollution and climate change.  It's all going to fall apart anyway.

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