Sunday, December 02, 2012

Everyone Loves Vern But Not Everyone Loves Ray X

Besides another site, thelibertynet, also streams the Liberty Net on-air discussions with a chat room. This image is from the second site. LibNetters claim that they are against Barack Obama but not because he is black. Then why do some of them use terms like "monkey" when referring to him?

And the sisyphean Liberty Net keeps trying to roll their rock up Reality Hill, each time expecting a different result.

Every Saturday night the Lib Netters take to the airwaves, ham radio operators of the ultra-conservative bent (think mega-conspiracies: Illuminati, New World Order, etc.). Simultaneously they also share their views via text in a chat room at .

Sometimes I copy and archive the chats. I found one session from three months ago to be particularly interesting.

One person who joins the LN airwave discussions is Vern Kasper, an older man who is has been successful in business, owning a number of commercial radio stations. Vern has also traveled around the world a bit and offers a cosmopolitan view on current events.

I wrote about Vern one time at this blog, noting how some people in the Lib Net chat room -- not all -- said some unpleasant things about him one night. Comments like "I, I , I , I, I, I, Vern is the EYE man," "over half an hour of the marvelous Vern," and "Glad I can be here to be listening to the VERN net."

You can read all the comments at that previous post. I didn't invent the comments; I just copied and pasted them.

On September 9th, 2012 Vern made another appearance on the Liberty Net. Once again he went on for a while about his radio stations, his travels around the world, repeating some of the same points he has made before. (Then again, most LibNetters keep repeating the same points every week.) Of course, a few in the chat room had to make disparaging observations.

Like this one: "And now, broadcasting from his new Cadillac, high atop the parking garage of VER"

One LibNet chatter known as JD was looking for a photo of Vern online and came across my blog post. He shared the link with the other chatters.

The following chat room excerpts show what kind of reaction my blog post provoked.

"RickFlint: JD That is amazing! What a dink Ray X (or Ray Jay...) is!"

"RickFlint: THin [sic] skin Ray doesn't know sh*t! We love Vern. No disrespect other than some joking around due the the [sic] boredome [sic] time. It's like waiting in a check-out lin [sic] forever at the grocery store, an [sic] eventually buy a damn candy bar!"

"RickFlint: For Ray Jay to knock us for simple comments show his own simplicity. FOR THE RECORD, WE LIKE VERN, THINK HE IS SMART AND CELEBRATE HIS AGE!"

"JD: I agree with you. I have no idea who the Ray guy is, never heard of him. Vern is all right by me!"

"RickFlint: I don't think the 'Vern Show' is disrespectful or any other thing. Remember two weeks ago when Al couldn't get back to his comments when Vern just popped in and overwhelmed the net for a half hour! Al was really ticked off but we chatters just busted a gut laughing! What else could be more entertaining than that? Lemonaid [sic] from lemons... God bless Vern and Ray, buzz off!"

I'm thin-skinned? I think the ones with the diaphanous epidermis are the LibNetters who don't like it when someone follows their conversations, makes notes, and then just shares what he observed.

It's hard to argue when it's in plain black and white text.

Anyway, you think conspiracy theorists would never assume no one outside their inner circle with a contrary POV is lurking.

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X. Dell said...

You know, it really warms might heart that not everyone likes me, or what I write. If they did, it's a big hint that I'm screwing up.

I'd say that the content, context and nature of their criticism of you means you're doing something right.