Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Parallel Conversations

Some people don't like Vern.

I monitored some of the last Liberty Net get-together on its stickam.com site, both audio and text. While the ham radio superpatriots were exhanging their right-wing beliefs on air, some were also communicating in the Stickam chatroom. What was interesting was the contrast between what was being said on the air by a particular Lib Netter and the reaction by the listeners participating in the chatroom. For example:

"n8wgm: If [Vern] was trained in propaganda, and admits it here, then why should we trust anything he says?"

This is a response to an on-air statement by Lib Netter Vern Kaspar that he was trained in propaganda analysis during World War II. I must admit the same thought crossed my mind. Maybe he's working for Them.

Seriously, I doubt Vern is an agent provocateur. But after seeing some of the chatroom comments, it's obvious that he's unintentionally provoking jealously.

Vern sounds like a pleasant gentleman. He's a good speaker, an asset for someone who owns a few radio stations. During his long life (he's 88 years old) Vern has spent a lot of time traveling abroad, visiting Russia, China, and many other points within the four corners of the world. And while I don't agree with everything he says, Vern sounds knowledgeable. But for some people, he's too well-traveled, too knowledgeable. (Edited chatroom comments follow.)

"n8wgm: There you go. HE's the expert."

"n8wgm: He talked to all the leaders of the world"

"wb8rav: ...just sitting here in wide eyed, rapt attention!...."

"n8wgm: They wanted his wisdom"

"n8wgm: Glad I can be here to be listening to the VERN net."

"thelibertynet: Vern certainly kills the rotation!"

"n8wgm: I, I , I , I, I, I, Vern is the EYE man."

"n8wgm: I did that. I had dinner with. I traveled to...I have a license.....I can speak...I can ....."

"wb8rav: Of course, Tovarich!"

"wb8rav: All Vern, ALL the time...what else you need?!"

"thelibertynet: self-satisfied adj having or showing a complacent satisfaction with oneself, one's own actions, behaviour, etc. self-satisfaction n"

"n8wgm: over half an hour of the marvelous Vern. I wonder when anyone will come on and say how wonderful it is to have Vern back."

OK, Vern does go on a bit with his on-air comments but maybe you could diplomatically tell him instead of acting like schoolkids jealous of the friendly rich boy with all the cool toys?

The Liberty Net meets every week to discuss the various threats to freedom, the lurking menaces biding their time until world domination is within easy reach. When the Illuminati and New World Order emerge from the shadows to take over the world, it's good to know that the Liberty Net gang is ready to protect individualism and resist the power of evil. That is, if they're not too busy backstabbing each other.


Anonymous said...

Vern was not on the net for many years and all of a sudden shows up.

It is not jealousy that I complain about Vern. It is some of his views that I dislike. And his habit of taking over the net. After Vern was done with his almost hour long spiel, no one came back to Vic (W1WCR) to get back into the net.

Vern acts like the guy who thinks that everything he thinks is important to everyone else. I am tired of hearing how wealthy he is. He is the perfect description of an elitist. I own radio stations. I had dinner with the king of Jordan. I traveled to China and met Mao. I have heard his stories a hundred times previously when Vern decided to show up on the net many years ago. I don't know Vern Kaspar personally. He may indeed be a nice guy. But his taking over the net was just too much for most of the net participants. I wish that someone on the net would mention to Vern that he takes too much time saying very little.

Vern, KJI and the jamming of the net were just some of the reasons why I no longer am involved in radio. Maybe that will change....but not anytime soon as long as the Verns and David Castle wanna be's (jammers) of the world are out and about making ham radio a pain in the neck.


X. Dell said...

You know, you're getting enough material to consider a book-length project (at least a proposal) on LibertyNet.

Given the reaction by Anonymous, I see what you mean.

Anonymous said...

N8WGM is a pedophile.

Anonymous said...

Steve Turder is a loud mouthed idiot. Every time he opens his mouth he believes he has all the truth. Turder talks out of his ass and has been doing it for years. He's nothing more than a whiny ass that gets all upset when he doesn't have it his way. Its funny that he bitches about the Vern show at a time when he does the same thing and monotones his crap over and over. I'm no Vern fan at all but Turder is just as bad as Vern. Just like his incessant whining gets old. At least Vern is personable but he's the same as Turder and they both think their opinion is above all others.