Saturday, February 12, 2011

XR #79

If you're looking for the latest PDF version of my print zine, you'll have to go to my new Website: . You have the option of viewing the issue online or downloading it to read later.

Why a new site? Simple. It's easier to use than the other one I had; I don't have to use Sea Monkey Composer and play around with HTML just to upload and archive issues. Older issues of the Ray X X-Rayer are still available at . At some point I might combine both sites into one, using the URL to re-direct to the new site.

Saving time by using a Google site means more time to research and create new articles.


Cell Phone Watch With Built In Camera said...

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Ray said...

Cell Phone:

Well, they won't learn here how to disguise spam as a sincere comment, you rectal polyp.

Doug said...

Um, if I ever do have kids I will try to keep them away from the internet altogether. Nothing personal, Ray.

X. Dell said...

Ray, I consider that an insult to rectal polyps.

Since I have no kids, I can't offer you even more traffic. For that, I apologize.

Marcus Wellington said...

That Homeland is relating this in a book makes it seem as though he's creating his own disinformation The last issue of my print zine had a number of images. I tried to render them with decent quality but failed -- actually, the printer failed. There's nothing I enjoy more than gray scale images coming out with streaks, especially color streaks. Like a little light pink with that B&Wphoto?