Monday, December 13, 2010

Solar Energy

As you may have noticed from a previous post I've been irritable lately. I've also been dealing with low energy levels. Besides the usual holiday bullshit, the weather has also been getting to me. Check out this five day forecast:

How can I deal with this? All that sunshine! I'll get sunburn.


Marvin the Martian said...

Ugh! Way too much light.

Doug said...

Maybe you need to stop checking the weather report.

X. Dell said...

No doubt, you're dreaming of a white Christmas. Funny. Bing didn't mention that such dreams are nightmares.

We're due for a snow on Christmas Eve as well. I'll probably spend a good deal of the Yule shoveling.

Ray said...


Don't check the weather report? That's like entering the boxing ring and you don't know if your opponent has brass knuckles.

I have to check the forecast to dress appropriately and to be aware of traveling conditions -- by foot.

X. Dell:

I don't have to do any shoveling, fortunately. I don't have a car and I live in an apartment house where the landlord takes care of that white crap.

At the same time, no car to shovel out has a downside. Too many sidewalks are never cleared; I have to trudge thru the slippery snow and ice to get anywhere. Another reason why I don't find this to be "the most wonderful time of the year."

On the upside: the days are getting longer.