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Bill Messner-Loebs Keeps Going Despite Another Setback

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Some creative people never have it easy.

Outlets for their work dry up.  And their own personal life -- not easy to begin with -- is compounded when the income they counted on is gone.

Bill Messner-Loebs is a writer/artist who had a good run in comics books with such titles as Wonder Woman, Thor and The Flash.  But the market changed, he was no longer in demand. Back in 2005 Bill and his wife were living in a motel, just getting by.  After the story about his situation became known fans rallied and he was able to get some more comic book work.

Bill had owned a home but his mother and wife became sick.  He was evicted when he couldn't keep up with the bills. 

But he got back on his feet, living in a mobile home in a nice trailer park for 15 years.  Then bad luck paid another call.  There was a gas leak in his mobile home that made it uninhabitable.

Bill and his wife found themselves homeless, living in their car. He has been working two part-time jobs to keep their heads above water.

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Comic Book Wife  TUESDAY, JANUARY 25, 2005

"smiling in the Face of Adversity"

"Comic book artist worked on Wonder Woman & Thor, now homeless"  By: Derek Kevra     POSTED: MAR 27 2018 09:35AM EDT

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