Sunday, April 15, 2018

Defending George Adamski

I asked myself: Are these comments for real?

Recently I had two comments posted at my blog regarding my article, George Adamski & Our Amazing CRT Solar System.  George was one of the most famous contactees of his time.  He claimed that on November 20, 1952 he met a Venusian visitor named Orthon in the Colorado Desert.  Instead of a many-tentacled monstrous blob Orthon looked human, his features the archetype of the Nordic alien.

George claimed he traveled to other planets in our solar system thanks to the Space Brothers.  In his third and final book, Flying Saucers Farewell, he explained how other planets far away from the sun were still hospitable, sunny and warm, due to the solar system acting like a cathode ray tube (CRT.)  It sounded like some inventive but wild rationalization for what he saw and what scientists had actually discovered.

Both commenters came to George's defense.  Maybe one or both are jokers, putting me on, but their comments provide an opportunity to further eXamine his claims.

Someone named Anonymous sent me this observation:

Orthon was not a "nordic" nor do such people exist as pushed in modern ufology. This is sloppy research and shows a lack of respect for the subject. He had sandy brown an olive complexion..that's not "nordic" in any way. Adamski's contacts came in all shapes, sizes and colors..just as people do on earth. Get your facts straight before posting on the internet.

That's odd.  Google the search terms "Orthon Nordic" and see what happens.

Anonymous continued with his snit:

Real proof can only come from personal experience, no amount of photos or film will ever count as "proof"..especially not today. That being said, the film and photos GA produced were the finest ever and have never been proven to be fakes. Those that have seen those same ships with their own eyes know the facts, those that have not..they only know what is on the internet..which is a sea of confused people who don't care enough about the topic to start at the beginning and employ basic human psychology. 

So here are examples of George's flying saucer photos, "the finest ever" in quality:

George's shot of a mothership birthing some baby flying saucers. 
(Oops, I meant saucers berthing the mothership.)

A thoughtful George Adamski and his iconic photo.

These images lack fine detail: they're kinda blurry.  Check out the close up of the circular craft with the three orbs projecting underneath as landing struts that George claimed he shot on December 13, 1952.  A German scientist explained the photo was faked using a combination of light bulbs and a surgical lamp.  Too bad the resolution isn't better to see whether or not his claim was right.

Then again I'm drowning in "a sea of confused people" on the internet.  

And here's this comment from someone with the handle Gloria Lynn:

I would of course disagree with the context of the negative view on Adamski and what he had to say. Consider that scientists are beginning to understand the universe as an electric universe which makes so much more sense than current accepted scientific theory. You also have people like Nassim Haramein making great strides in the theory of everything as a holotographic universe. It is best to keep an open mind. BTW, Dr. Ernest L. Norman never said it validates his astral visit to Venus. He has always contended that life exists in many different dimensional levels throughout the universe. "In my father's house, there are many mansions," as Jesus put it. 

That quote attributed to Jesus is generally interpreted as there is room for all of God's followers.  Nothing about other dimensional levels.

Holotographic universe?  Did you mean holographic universe, the theory that our 3d existance is a hologram of a 2D surface?  Proof?  Some scientists have found some evidence backing up that theory but I haven't heard of any definite proof.  Anyway I'm a pragmatist.  What difference does it make if I'm living in a holographic universe and when I stub my toe it still hurts like hell?

Sorry but I live in a dimensional level called reality.