Tuesday, February 10, 2015

An eXperiment.

I'm trying out TinyLetter and have published the latest issue of my zine, Ray X X-Rayer #104.. Go to http://tinyletter.com/RayX . You can subscribe via email or click on the Archive link to read the latest issue.

As for this blog and my paperzine - well, we'll see.  I hardly get any feedback here at this blog.  Maybe an email newsletter will generate more of a response.


Kandinsky said...

Hello RP, I've been an occasional reader, long-time subscriber of your blog for about 4 years and have just subscribed to the e-letter.

To be honest, I set up a blog years back and worried too much that nobody would be interested. Then I worried that ideas would run out and it'd turn out to be an embarrassing waste of time.It's been in storage ever since with the title 'Persisting Down.'

You've been better than that and gone out and done it. Feedback isn't everything and there are some decent blogs out there that won't accept comments or just don't get any.

Good luck with the e-letter.

Ray Palm (Ray X) said...

ThanX for the feedback. Reasonable comments are always welcome here.