Thursday, November 28, 2013

Fortean Deafness?

Somehow I didn't hear a mysterious boom that recently shook the region.

I know I was outside at the time because I had left somewhere just before 8 PM Tuesday night, November 26, and it was at least a ten minute walk to my destination .  Reports of the boom – felt from Montreal to a town roughly 15 miles west of here (Plattsburgh) – started to come in to the media just after 8 PM.

One online report sent to a local TV station described the house shaking.  But according to the US Geological Survey no earthquakes were detected in the region, either here or Canada.  The source of the shock-rock was unknown.

Once again I've missed out experiencing a Fortean mystery.  Could it be that my skeptical side is making me blind to such events?

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X. Dell said...

Maybe you're losing your hearing?