Friday, September 20, 2013

Taking A Stand Against Stan

Obviously I haven't been writing/blogging that often so maybe I should get caught up on a few items.

I haven't been devoting/wasting as much time as before listening to the Liberty Net (  Part of the reason is that it's the same old same old with them, ultra-right-wing ham radio operators flogging the same dead pale horse.

One item of note is how the LibNetters describe the unjustified willingness by liberals to overlook any flaws or hypocrisy with President Barack Obama.  They described the condition as "negrophilia."  Huh?  Is that in the DMS (The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders)?

And then there's an incident from some time ago when a regular participant, Stan, was really wound up, talking on and on.  Instead of politely interrupting and telling him to wrap it up, the other LibNetters moved to a different frequency, leaving the loquacious commenter all alone.  

Later Stan would realize he was talking to the empty ether and so he would find the net on the new frequency.  He apologized for being so longwinded but when it was his turn he went on for a while and the others went to a different frequency.  After the third time this happened Stan apparently got the hint.

Instead of being separated by many miles in different locations, I wonder how long the LibNetters would last if they all ended up stranded in the same spot like a small desert island.  With no radios, of course.

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X. Dell said...

"Negrophilia?" Sounds like the term came from a Klansman who made it all the way up to the eighth grade.

Actually, a lot of the more severe and substantive criticism of the Obama White House that I've heard comes from the left--MSNBC notwithstanding--but I would hardly call that representative of the left.