Saturday, January 19, 2013

Conspiracy Wackos Punish Good Deed

On the morning of December 14, 2012, retired psychologist Gene Rosen, 69, was at home in Newtown, Connecticut when he heard gunfire. He just assumed it was a hunter in the nearby forest.

Later as he was leaving his house he encountered six schoolchildren and a bus driver in his driveway. The bus driver told him that they couldn't return to their school, there had been an incident.

Rosen invited the crying children inside and soon learned that they had fled from the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. He let the schoolchildren play with some toys, listened to their stories, and contacted their parents to pick them up. (Rosen had grandchildren so that's why the toys were around.)

For his aid and comfort Rosen was considered a hero. But with conspiracy wackos no good deed can go unpunished; it all has to be part of a dark plot. They accuse Rosen of being a "bad crisis actor," part of a hoax perpetrated by the government to do away with their right to bear arms. They have targeted him for harassment, spreading all sorts of lies on the Web.

How wacko are some of these people attacking Gene Rosen? On YouTube there are videos of news interviews with him. In the comments section, while some defend Rosen, others respond with comments like this one posted by JewsHateTheTruth911:

"The Jewish community is notorious to pedophilia and covering it up. Rabbis are constantly being caught molesting children, and they have fundraisers? to pay for their defense. Rabbis even have ritual circumcision with 'Oral suction', they actually suck the babies penis. Why you may ask? Because the Talmud says so:"

Rosen himself is referred to as a "pedo" in the comments. Solid evidence? Who needs that? The wackos watch the video, say that he seems to be a child molester, case closed. Maybe they don't like the fact that Rosen cries when recalling the incident; he's not a tough John-Wayne-type with six-shooters strapped to his belt. Whatever the reason, they judge the man only by appearances.

For example, this YouTube comment by theno1katzman:

"If i had children, I would not? want them around this guy because he screams pedophile. I do not condone anyone calling him on the phone and harassing him, but to think they interviewed a sick monster like this? if you actually believe his story, I feel sorry for you."

Well, at least that commenter feels targeting Rosen with harassing phone calls and email is going too far. Someone has standards, I suppose.

As for the wackoism, some believe the Sandy Hook school shooting is just a hoax. Others contend using the boogeyman of Satanism that the victims – 20 students and six adults – were sacrificed as part of a demonic act. These conspiracy theorists engage in hyperlogic, making connections when they are none, at best using coincidence as evidence.

Some of these wack jobs are part of the Sandy Hook Truth movement. Like the 9/11 Truthers, these people believe the government staged the event to give itself more power over its citizens. But don't take my word for it, just go to and read for yourself.


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X. Dell said...

Forgive my paranoia, but I'm wondering how many of those "conspiracy Wackos" are really wacko, or for that matter interested in conspiracies themselves.

Then again, they could just be garden variety bigots. No conspiracy needed for that.

Doug said...

I dare not even attempt anything more than quoting Ron Burgundy from Anchorman: "Stay classy, San Diego."