Friday, December 07, 2012

Ronson & Jones: New Hit TV Series Created By Ray X

It's a big hit even before it's on the air – or even before one episode has been produced.

A slightly nebbish writer/documentary producer from England – Jon Ronson – teams up with a ranting right-wing radio commentator from Texas – Alex Jones – to investigate shadowy evil conspiracies around the world.

High concept: "The Odd Couple" meets "The X-Files."

My series is based upon Ronson's non-fiction book, "Them: Adventures with Extremists" (2002), detailing his travels about the US and Canada while looking into the world of conspiracy theories. In the book Ronson encounters Alex Jones, anti-Illuminati crusader, and works with him to penetrate the secrets of Bohemian Grove.

The Grove is a vast California campground where some of the most powerful men in the world meet mid-summer for two weeks to piss on redwoods and watch a ceremony called Cremation of Care where a human effigy (or live sacrifice, according to Jones) is burnt in front of a giant owl statue.

To Jones the owl represents Moloch, an ancient god associated with child sacrifice. The ceremony represents the apex of evilness among the men who meet at Bohemian Grove each year, a Luciferian - Babylon mystery religious rite.

To Ronson the whole Bohemian Grove experience is nothing more than a bunch of aging men acting like college kids once again, frat-boy nonsense.

The dichotomy is obvious between Ronson – the rationalist – and Jones -- the ranter. In "Them" Ronson describes how he and Jones found a way to get into Bohemian Grove to witness the Cremation of Care. They were told from a contact who had already sneaked in to dress and act preppy and just walk up the road as if they belonged there.

For dapper Ronson dressing and acting preppy was easy. Jones and his radio show producer had to practice, walking around in their new clothes from a nearby Eddie Bauer and practicing the manners and speech of Grovers.

When the time came to take the walk into the Grove, Ronson and his contact just strolled by the guard. On the other hand, Jones and his producer couldn't handle such an easy entrance: they dived into the bushes and snuck in like kid commandos.

Very dramatic. Makes interesting radio – or in this case, TV.

Afterwards when comparing notes, Jones thought he had visited an inner circle of hell. Cool calm Ronson didn't agree with Jone's paranoid POV. But Jones kept raving...

Is this set-up a natural or what?

Another non-fiction work by Ronson, "The Men Who Stare At Goats," was made into a movie loosely based on the events in his book about the US Army going New Age, e.g., experimenting with remote viewing. It featured a nebbish journalist, Bob Wilton, portrayed by Ewan MacGregor, a character apparently loosely inspired by Ronson. (It was a loose movie.)

MacGregor would be adequate for the TV series. Best casting would be a young Don-Knotts-type as Ronson. As for Jones, is the Incredible Hulk available?

"Ronson & Jones" -- coming to an alternative TV network in an alternative universe near you.

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X. Dell said...

I'd pitch that for a dollar.

Them has been cited so often in scholarly literature on "conspiracy theory" (for obvious reasons), that I keep meaning to pick up the book and read it. One day I shall!

BTW, I didn't realize you were back on the air. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading this latest batch of posts.