Sunday, May 27, 2012

Important Notice From Jim Moseley

In the latest issue of Saucer Smear (May 20th, 2012) Jim Moseley included this item:

"As of this writing, it looks like your Editor will soon have a serious operation.  The next issue of 'Smear,' as well as answers to your letters, etc., may be delayed for a currently unknown period of time.  More later, hopefully..."

Jim added this statement:

"Details are KLASS-ified."

Good luck with the surgery, Jim.


carddown said...

I've already sent him a note. Get better soon, Jim!

X. Dell said...

Thanks for letting us know.

Marvin the Martian said...

Tell him not to remove the implants; the aliens will just replace them with more. Hope your friend heals quickly.

carddown said...

Don Ecker recently presented an old Long john Nebel show that prominently featured Jim Moseley. There's a fair amount about his travels and excavations at Peru, including some discussion of the Nazca Lines. Also some state of the art assessment of the lying saucer scene and the failings of UFO groups- some pretty good stuff!