Thursday, March 08, 2012

Alex Jones: Stochastic Agent?

The hyperlogic razor can cut both ways. Ask Alex Jones.

Jones is a conspiracy theorist who rants on about the New World Order through his radio program and Websites. He angrily calls out certain political leaders and governmental officials for being masters of deceit. Imagine Milton William Cooper but without the charm.

The Website has run a series of articles implying that Alex Jones is a deceitful master. According to David Chase Taylor, there is evidence making it "likely" that Jones is really a double-agent working for Stratfor (Strategic Forecasting, Inc.), a private intelligence firm whose secret emails were recently published by WikiLeaks.

In his articles Taylor claims that Jones is really working for the Israeli Mossad, hiding the truth from his unsuspecting followers that the US is really under the control of the Zionists. Taylor also calls Jones a "stochastic terrorist," i.e., someone who uses mass communication "to stir up random lone wolves to carry out acts of terrorism."

So who is David Chase Taylor? He's described as "an American journalist, researcher, writer, teacher, media analyst and peace activist. He is the editor in chief of, a false-flag and state-sponsored terror whistleblower website which serves as a conduit for worldwide peace related news and information."

In his criticism Taylor states that while Alex Jones terror predictions do come true (apparently thanks to his Stratfor connections), Jones "never cares to substantiate his predictions with hard evidence."

So let's look at the hard evidence (as such) Taylor uses to link Jones to Stratfor.

Taylor points out the fact that Alex Jones and Stratfor call Austin, Texas home base. In 1996 Jones started his radio career, the same year that Stratfor was founded. And then Taylor includes these details:

"The city also boasts other political intelligence operatives; namely: Karl Rove, top Republican Strategist, Steven Jackson, founder of the Illuminati card game, Jehmu Green, founder of Rock the Vote, and Silona Bonewald, founder of the League of Technical Voters."

The Illuminati card game? OMG!

Taylor also mentions that presidential candidate Ron Paul lives "only 199 miles" away from Austin. See how it all ties together?

While it's a private firm, Stratfor is known for its connections with governmental officials; it serves both corporate and US Military clients. Taylor uses this detail in comparing the Jones and Stratfor Websites, saying that they're the same. He quotes from the "STRATFORE WEBITE" [sic], outlining how it collects intelligence while Jones' sites, and, mentions the names of intelligence officials who appear as guests on Jones' programs.

In fact, Jones has "elite" guests on his program like Charlie Sheen, Willie Nelson and Jesse Ventura. So how can Jones be a true conspiracy theorist, asks Taylor, while having such connections to the elite? The answer: Jones is working for an intelligence agency.

See how it all fits together?

But there's more. Stratfor was founded by an admitted Zionist, says Taylor. Jones' wife is an Israeli. What additional proof do you need?

Well, it would be nice to see more than hyperlogical reasoning. Maybe WikiLeaks will publish actual emails between "Israeli tool" Jones and his Stratfor bosses, showing exactly how Jones is taking orders from Stratfor, all the dirty conspiratorial details. Assuming such emails exist...

So far only one Stratfor email provided by WikiLeaks has popped up mentioning Jones. Regarding the assassination of Osama Bin Laden, the email says that photos of Bin Laden's corpse should be made available to "shout down the lunatics like Alex Jones and Glenn Beck.” Lunatic? Is that any way to describe a faithful double-agent/tool like Jones?

Or maybe someone will claim that email is disinfo, allowed to leak to cover up the true relationship between Jones and Stratfor.

But that's how it goes in the murky world of conspiracy theory. Jones has made some dubious leaps of logic and now the same kind of (un)reasoning by another conspiracy monger has come back to bite him in the ass.


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Doug said...

Isn't that exactly what they want us to think?

X. Dell said...

As much as Jones has a tendency to spew out shaggy dog stories with great bombast, I do pay attention to him and his site (even link to it). I find it helpful to consider polemnic that disagrees with my own sense of order, even if stridently painful. I've thus found some useful information on Jones' site.

As for Taylor's accusation, I wouldn't dismiss it out of hand. Instead, I would say that there isn't much evidence to support it.

My gut reaction is that Jones is really a conspiracy of one. One thing I can certainly prove is the hucksterism that takes place on his commercial broadcasts. In doing this, he often panders to the unexamined prejudices of his supporting audiences. He could possibly be influenced by others, but that would make him an unwitting, as opposed to a true conspirator.