Sunday, January 08, 2012

Critical Skepchick Shows Uncritical Thinking

I almost missed this item from last year: Elevatorgate!

Rebecca Watson, leader of a core of skeptical women over at, was attending a conference in Dublin, Ireland during June 2011 and a guy in an elevator hit on her (or so she claims). No, the man didn’t assault her, just asked her back to his room to discuss various issues over a cup of coffee.

Apparently Rebecca didn’t like being a hittee. Her lecture topic at the conference dealt with anti-feminism. It really bugged her the Elevator Guy was “sexualizing” her.

Really. Is this the same Rebecca Watson who posed nude for Skepchick calendars?

It’s too bad that the Elevator Guy got the shaft.


Marvin the Martian said...

Such women are always wanting to have it (whatever "it" may be) both ways. It's best just to ignore them, and ensure (if possible) that they don't procreate.

Doug said...

She definitely isn't getting any shaft!

Ba-dump-chik! Thank you. Tip your servers... they're working hard for you out there...

DoubtingThomas said...

Rebecca Watson is a feminist, not a skeptic, and i have no idea why her and her pathetic ass-kissing entourage are tolerated.

Bigfoot hunters and UFO believers will at least toss some rickety evidence up to support their claims: Watson says men are oppressing her and if you disagree, why, you're a bigot! Or at least a moron. That's not skepticism at all.