Sunday, December 25, 2011

What's Red And White, Red And White?

There’s an interesting display in one part of town. Throughout the year a homeowner displays a large Confederate flag in his front window, an object usually associated with racism.

But when the happy holiday season rolls around the homeowner adds an eXmas display with his flag. Besides the traditional lights he adds stuffed almost-life-sized dummies of Santa and Mrs. Claus sitting in chairs on his front porch.

Isn’t Santa egalitarian, delivering gifts and love to all of mankind? That apparently depends upon one’s POV.

In the case of the local display under consideration Kris Kringle is the ultimate symbol of so-called racial purity.

Talk about a white eXmas.


X. Dell said...

When I was a little kid, the only people I can remember seeing in real life, who looked anything like Santa Claus, were Hells Angels. For years I thought father Christmas was a biker.

The ideology and racial beliefs of the HA are quite similar to the those of the KKK (in fact, there's some membership overlap).

If Santa's one of them, he's been hanging out with the wrong crowd. Just saying, who'd want to see Mrs. Claus flash?

Doug said...

He's dreaming of a particularly white Xmas...