Sunday, December 25, 2011

Tall Whites

No, I’m not talking about elongated people of Nordic bloodlines but instead aliens, as in extra-terrestrials.

Since there seems to be a “white” theme popping up with my latest posts, I might as well wrap up with this topic.

Back in 1965-1967 Airman Charles Hall served at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada near Area 51. He was trained as a weather observer but ended up observing more than the weather: he encountered ETs who had the general appearance of the archetypical gray but were tall and white.

Hall claims that he saw the ETs and humans, both military and business types, intermingling. The aliens would give humans rides to the Earth’s moon in their scout ships. One time the tall whites offered to give some US Generals a ride to Ganymede, one of Jupiter’s moons, to prove it was unsuitable as a military base.

The tall whites sometimes communicated by making loud sounds like the whinnying of horses.

Of course, all of this was supposed to be Top Secret but Hall decided to let the world know through a series of books he has written, “The Millennial Hospitality Series.”

If tall white ETS are on this planet, my advice for them is to avoid most parts of the rural Deep South. Not everyone there is a bigot but…

You tall whites might have (more or less) the right skin type but not body form. Southern bigots hate freaks of any type. Talk like a horse whinnying – forget it! Hey, I experienced extreme prejudice down there for just having a northern accent.

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X. Dell said...

Mayden's chiding me for being a Yankee in the past. I guess I type with a Midwestern accent.

I'm not as familiar with the Whites as I am with the Nordics, Reptilians and Grays. By the time I got to them, I'd become quite, um, agnostic on the subject of alien visitation. I meant to get back into them, but forgot. Thanks for reminding me with this post.