Sunday, December 25, 2011

Hey, Dude, Where’s My Brown Dwarf?

Man, don’t you just hate it? Just when there’s proof of something eXtradordinary – BANG! – the Trickster yanks the evidence away.

A while ago I was talking about Tolec, a man who claims to be in contact with the alien races of the Andromeda Council. Tolec has made all sorts of claims about our world shifting into a fourth-dimensional reality.

One sign or proof of this approaching shift, claimed Tolec, was that a brown dwarf star would appear in our solar system. At some point this brown dwarf would ignite into a second sun. Hmmm, I wonder if he ever read the book or had seen the movie, “2010: The Year We Make Contact?”

Obviously a brown dwarf drifting into our neighborhood would be notable. Especially among astronomers. It was supposed to arrive by now so why nothing in the news? Are “They” (shadow government types) suppressing the info?

Not really, according to Tolec. The Andromeda Council had cloaked the brown dwarf. It’s still there, waiting to ignite, but our primitive terran tech can’t detect it.

One wonders who’s really the Trickster in all of this.


X. Dell said...

Ray, you're giving me an idea for a graphic novel.

Kandinsky said...

People keep claiming that brown dwarves and adventurous planets can tip-toe into our Solar System without being noticed.

'Cloaked' or not, a brown dwarf would be felt pretty quickly.

As for this 4th Dimension in 2012? I'm not going anywhere until the brochure comes out. Prices? Views? What are the natives like? Do we pack shorts or wooly hats?

Doug said...

I suppose if you can hide a star you can eliminate its gravitational effects.