Monday, September 12, 2011

Texe Marrs: Space Cowboy Calls Out The Illuminati

Is Satan Jewish?

That's the impression I get after listening to a recent shortwave radio broadcast by Texe Marrs, the host of Power of Prophecy. I remember Texe (that's his name; Google it) from years ago when I started my zine, back when I covered the SW conspiracy beat. But after a while Texe and the others on WWCR started to repeat themselves.

I happened to come across the Power of Prophecy program when Texe announced that this was the most important broadcast he has ever made. He mentioned the Illuminati.

OK, it was a quiet Sunday night, nothing on the boob tube to watch, so I decided to spend an hour with Texe so see if he had another new angle on the Mega-Conspiracy. And since it was September 11th -- well, I don't have to explain that to you, unless you've been in a coma under a rock for the last ten years.

From his HQ in Austin, Texas, Texe sends out his warnings through his Power of Prophecy Ministries about the Illuminati, baiting them. I'm surprised that they haven't taken him out like Lee Harvey Oswald or Howard Beale but Texe does have God on his side.

From the biography at his Website, it mentions that Texe is a retired USAF career officer who commanded communications-electronics and engineering units. He has also taught various subjects including international affairs, political science, and aerospace studies at three different universities.

Texe has what I call a space cowboy style. He's way out there man, shooting away at the bad guys. If you in tune late, you would think he was talking about some fictional parallel Earth in another part of the galaxy, but after a while you realize he's actually talking about this world. Why watch a TV show like Star Trek or Fringe when the real world (albeit Texe's real world) is full of incredible happenings?

Take the symbolism of the twin towers at the World Trade Center. Based upon his biblical research Texe said they represented the two central pillars that Samson pushed apart, causing the temple to collapse. Of course, the fall of the towers was caused by explosives planted inside each structure. Yup, Texe is one of those 9/11 Truthers but one into the Samson story. (He never did completely tie in the story with the inside job that made the towers collapse; he only provided a hair's-breadth connection.)

Maybe my memory is failing as I grow older but I don't remember listening to Texe years ago with the concept of the "elite Jewish conspiracy" bandied about so much. But this program did have that focus. Texe warned that the super wealthy Jews were behind the Mega-Conspiracy, the Illuminati. And who's behind that? Satan, of course.

The Satanic/Illuminoid/Jewish conspiracy plans to eliminate all religions until only one remains. Guess which one? Your guess is Church of the Sub-Genius? Hey, pal, you don't listen to WWCR that much.


Power of Prophecy hosted by Texe Marrs. Broadcast on WWCR radio, 4.840 MHz, 9/11/11, 10 PM Eastern Time (0200 UTC, 9/12/11).

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Doug said...

I'm waiting for the podcast.

X. Dell said...

Church of the SubGenius? Gimmie some slack!

I was thinking about doing a series on anti-Semitism after the current series of series. This would be good fodder.

Ray Palm said...


Or maybe with space cowboy Marrs it's the podpeoplecast.

X. Dell:

Are you familiar with the book, Kooks by Donna Kossy? She has a good chapter on the origins of the Christian Identity movement. Now there's some warped thinking in action (the movement, not Kossy's book).