Monday, September 12, 2011

Another Adventure With The Computer Printer From Hell


That should be easy. Just call up your address list on the computer and then have the laser printer do the rest.

I follow the directions in the user's manual, opening the front feed panel and adjusting the guides to the width of an envelope. I also made sure to open the back panel where the envelope will pop out, addressed.

OK, the envelope goes through but it comes out crinkled. Check the manual. Gee, I forgot to release the two green tabs in the back panel opening, dropping down a long piece of plastic into a new position that supposedly will stop the wrinkling. So I release the green tabs, one on each side.

No go. The error button comes on. Printer won't print. Hit the magic green Go button seven times. No go. Invoke the eldritch name of Cthulhu seven times. No go. Tap the ruby slippers together seven times? Forget it. I flip the plastic piece inside the rear opening back into place and the error light goes off.

Check the manual in case there another way to keep envelopes crinkle-free. It mentions that I should go to a office supply store and spend money on either special envelopes or labels compatible with the printer. I bet those options are SO inexpensive.

In the end I found a quicker, cheaper and more efficient way to address envelopes. (No green tabs have to be released for this method.)

Get the address list and write out the addresses with a pen.


Doug said...

Eh, when the Post Office goes bankrupt you won't be able to send that envelope anywhere anyway, so you may as well get out of the habit now.

X. Dell said...

Sometimes, I think technology's just out to get you. What can I say?

Marvin the Martian said...

You have an HP, don't you.