Monday, August 01, 2011

Planet Earth: Weapon Of War

To self-proclaimed independent scientist Lauren Moret it's all a conspiracy.

Hurricane Katrina (2005), the Haiti Earthquake (2010) and the earthquake-tsunami-nuclear meltdown triple disaster in Japan back in March -- not random events caused by impersonal natural forces. All were planned and executed by an international war crimes network involving the CIA, DOE, and BP for City of London bankers.

So how did evil agents within the Central Intelligence Agency, the (US) Department of Energy, and British Petroleum pull it off? According to Moret they simply moved heaven and earth with another initialized entity: HAARP.

The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program located near Gakona, Alaska is described at its Website as "A Premier Facility for the Study of Ionospheric Physics and Radio Science." Its purpose is to improve military and civilian communication and navigation systems by learning more about the Earth's ionosphere. There are two major components to HAARP, one continuous, the other intermittent.

Scientific instruments study the geomagnetic environment and collect data, 24/7. Sometimes the researchers fire up a HF (high frequency) transmitter to poke around in the environment of near space. According to HAARP's Website FAQ page, the project is not classified, i.e., there are no classified documents pertaining to it. In fact it schedules Open Houses during the summer for anyone who wants a look-see inside.

It all sounds benign but not to conspiracy theorists like Moret. She claims that disasters like Hurricane Katrina, the Haiti earthquake and the recent Japan triple-disaster were all caused by HAARP. Apparently when the boys are firing up their HF transmitter in Alaska they're engaging in "tectonic warfare," creating earthquakes in targeted areas.

In the case of the Japan triple-disaster, the Fukushima nuclear power plant was specifically targeted to cause a meltdown as part of what she calls international genocidal depopulation. Not only the people of Japan are victims of the released radiation, says Moret, but also people in other parts of the worlds such as the US West Coast.

And what background does Moret have to make these claims? In her biography posted at she states she has a BS in geology (U.C. Davis, 1968), a MA in Near Eastern Studies (U.C. Berkeley, 1978), and also has completed a PhD in Geosciences, ABD (all but dissertation) at U.C. Davis.

But as an independent scientist Moret isn't limited by her educational background. She's also familiar with meteorology -- actually, I should say weather control. She maintains that HAARP created a series of hurricanes in the United States after the Fukushima meltdown, manipulating Earth's natural forces to intensify the effects of the radiation drifting in from Japan.

And why is the evil cabal behind HAARP doing this? All for GOD: gold, oil, and drugs, its main sources of income. And it's not only the illegal drug market that financially empowers the cabal. Exposure to higher levels of radiation weakens people, causing disease, resulting in more dependence on big pharmaceutical companies, ergo, more profits. The ensuing depopulation means its easier for the conspirators to grab land and resources.

But what use are such grabs when the land and resources are too hot to use? Maybe Lauren Moret will provide an answer to that puzzler.

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Marvin the Martian said...

Now, that's just silly. They're not using HAARP for Gold, Oil and Drug profits. They're just trying to kill people so they can confiscate and sell their land. After all, they're not making any more land. And they're always making more people.

Doug said...

And the BP oil spill in the gulf--more sick people, and it almost certainly throws people off the scent of BP as being behind all this.

Genius. Or at least, that's as much as I can speculate; I only have a Bachelor's.

X. Dell said...

Sigh. I've had a falling out with someone recently who wanted me to validate the theory that HAARP could cause Earthquakes (with certain people like himself having special foreknowledge).

The earthquake theory comes from Dr. Brooks Agnew. He's a legit geophysicist. But his explanation of how HAARP allegedly interacts with the magnetosphere to produce tectonic shifts is not only outrageous to the layperson, but to the professional as well. Looking more closely at Dr. Agnew, we see that he promotes all sorts of beliefs in the name of (pseudo)science, among them Hollow Earth Theory and (of all things) The Secret!

Dr. Bernard Eastlund, the recently deceased physist who came up with HAARP, has discussed his concerns about how it could affect weather patterns. Moreover, official spokespersons have said that mind control research would be "of interest."

In short, HAARP does pose a lot of legitimate, ethical and conspiracy-minded questions. No need to create mud. And it seems to me that any scientist oughta know better.