Sunday, August 07, 2011

Liberty Net Versus Jamming Jamming

We're jamming
I wanna jam it with you,
We're jamming, jamming
And I hope you like jamming too
--Bob Marley

Early Sunday morning. August 7, 2011. Tonight the weekly get-together of the ultra-right-ring Ham radio forum Liberty Forum was interrupted, according to one participant, by "a subhuman jammer."

One quickly picks up on "code words" when listening in to the Liberty Net forum. For years the superpatriots have been meeting in the 75 meter band on shortwave radio, starting their discussions around 10 PM Saturday Eastern Standard Time and running over into the next day. Their commentaries are also rebroadcast on the Web via streaming audio at .

How far to the right are these amateur radio operators? They think Rush Limbaugh is a puppet, a stooge. Some listeners disagree with LibNet viewpoints and they try to jam the net's frequency with strong Morse code signals, loud music, whatever they can find to make it difficult to follow the conversations. It's very illegal to do this, by the way. Ask the FCC.

I listen in to the LibNet gabfests to track the latest news in the sub-culture of conspiracy theories. For example, earlier in the discussion there was the topic of an US military helicopter shot down in Afghanistan and how it was probably another diabolical plot by the Mega-Conspiracy, AKA the New World Order, the Illuminati, etc.

Among the soldiers aboard the helicopter were 25 members of the Navy SEALs; all were all killed after the copter was hit by a RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) fired by the enemy, according to a TV newscast I heard before listening to the LibNet. The newscast also corrected earlier reports that stated the SEALs who died were the ones who participated in the attack and assassination of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan back in May. The deceased were only part of the same covert unit.

Apparently LibNetter Al Parker hadn't heard that update. He stated that the SEALs aboard the copter were the same ones who entered Pakistan and took out Osama bin Laden in his residential compound hideout. Parker thought the SEALs were shot down by "friendly fire," not in the sense of an accident but following a plan.

Parker said that the SEALs had the goods on President Barack Obama, that they knew the Osama raid was a sham. According to one conspiracy theory, the terrorist bin Laden had died years ago and the raid was a deception to help President Obama to juice up his public approval. Such are the ways of the evil Mega-Conspiracy.

But if this far-out theory is true, then the "friendlies" who shot down the copter also have something on Obama. So another special unit will have to terminate those "friendlies" with extreme prejudice. But then that unit will have the goods on Barack. And so someone will have to kill that third crew... I'm having trouble buying into this. Or maybe the logic behind it just escapes me.

LibNetter Al Parker, at least when I've heard him on the air, doesn't stoop to use slurs like "Hispanic nigger," a term someone else on the net used to describe the jammer. Parker uses terms like "subhuman" and "African" and "ghetto" to refer to certain individuals. Mealy-mouthed racism, anyone?

The jammer was rebroadcasting a FM radio station featuring global music. Parker did mention that the radio station had streaming audio on the Web. It seems that whoever was behind the interference didn't have to be connected to that station as an employee or even as regular listener. He was just re-pumping in the jamming tunes, mon. In fact, the jammer could even be one of those Americans of "white European stock" that Parker praises while condemning "subhumans."

The mysterious jammer picked a good choice in music to drive Parker off the air. Parker said such music made him sick, that it was destroying culture unlike classical music. He accused the jammer of being mentally defective, suffering from syphilis.

But there's a paradox about Parker and his "white" fixation. Parker is what is called A-albionic (A = Anti), i.e., he usually rants about the Royal Family of England being behind the Mega-Conspiracy. Seems to me the Royal Family is about as white as you're going to get. Or maybe I'm missing the logic.


Marvin said...

My sources tell me that although the crash was real, the helicopter was empty. The deaths were faked, so that the SEALs allegedly involved in the crash could go even deeper underground than normal black ops units, and not be hunted or molested by Taliban or other Muslim terrorists seeking to get even for the SEALs' disposal of bin Laden.

Roman Castavet said...

Just because somebody's White, like the jolly old Queen, doesn't mean she can't be anti-White survival. Just look at all the lying White politicians and media hacks for proof. I watched the BBC for hours during the (90% Black) riots there, and race was never mentioned.

Ray Palm said...


So why would the Queen of England be against the survival of white people? If she is somehow instigating and supporting the recent riots, as you infer, she is destroying the system that supports her. The Queen receives a considerable amount from public funds (the Head of State Expenditure). (Also, please cite your source for the "90% Black" number.)

And why would the Queen support the same system-destroying machinations throughout the world? She's also the greatest landowner, 36 billion acres or one sixth of the planet's land. Creating global anarchy will help her protect her holdings? Are you saying the Queen is suicidally insane? Once again the logic escapes me.

X. Dell said...

Maybe there's no logic to be missed.

Whites hoping to foster white genecide for, whom? Non-whites?

Roman, I have this bridge in Brooklyn. I can let you have it for a really good price.