Monday, August 15, 2011

High Klass Speculation

Sometimes my creative mind looks for new challenges and I start speculating, engaging in higher thought eXperiments.

So what happens after you die? Let's say your individuality still exists, moving on to The Other Side, after you shed your meat suit. OK, then what happens?

For those into reincarnation, karma is the belief that what happens during your lifetime will influence your existence when you return to this world. But what if karma does exist but there's no reincarnation back into the physical plane, that your choices while alive affect your existence on The Other Side? Your karma shapes the form you take after you pass on. In most cases such a spirit would have a humanlike appearance unless that person did something requiring atonement.

At this point the name of the late Philip Klass popped into my head. He was a journalist, editor of Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine and also a controversial UFO researcher. I never met him, he was probably a good person, but life -- and the afterlife -- at times isn't fair. Klass never met a UFO case he didn't like -- to debunk. Critics charged that his particular brand of scientific examination regarding aerial phenomena was overskeptical. His early theory was some sightings were nothing more than energy plasma that could be generated under certain conditions. For example, high tension power lines could create glowing fields, ball lightning kind of stuff.

So maybe when Klass awoke on the Other Side, he found himself paying a karmic debt for a while, trapped in the form of ball lightning. He would appear to other souls, glowing and whizzing around for a few moments before disappearing with a bang, only to return later on, repeating the process. Desperate to communicate with other spirits, he would try to control his temporary ball lightning appearance, hovering in place, flashing a message in Morse code: SOS. He would prove he was real, an unusual form controlled by intelligence.

But despite his attempts at reaching others, all the other spirits ignore him.

After all, on The Other Side, it's common knowledge that ball lightning doesn't exist.


Marvin said...

I didn't realize Klass had died. Good riddance, I think.

X. Dell said...


I never minded Klass, really. I don't see him so much as a debunker so much as I see him as a ufologist. Of course, his dogmatic belief in mundanity led him to some laughably untenable positions, but hey! No one's perfect.

Maybe skeptics go to St. Peter's gate, only to be told, "Sorry. I don't believe in you either."

Doug said...

I hope I come back as something cool, but with my luck it will be as someone who cannot come up with a clever quip to type right now.

Oh crap. Karma is a bitch...v