Monday, August 29, 2011

Enslave The World The High Tech Antichrist Way

Greetings, my friend. Have you ever thought about conquering the world?

ThanX to my research that goal is closer than you think. Part of the answer lies in the "non-fiction" book, 2000 A.D. -- Are You Ready?, by the propheteers Peter and Paul Lalonde. Even though it was published in 1997 and the world didn't end in the year 2000, this work provides clues to how to establish yourself as world dictator.

The book is subtitled How New Technologies and Lightning-Fast Changes are Opening the Door for Satan and His Plan for the End of the World. Yes, this is a born-again Christian book involving the Rapture, the rise of the Antichrist, and the return of the Messiah, but one with a high tech angle.

Oh, you don't believe in either God or Satan? A minor detail. Despite their Christian intentions, the Lalonde brothers have unintentionally sketched a plan that can you make you the secular king of the world.

There are three main parts of the plan:

1. Mass communications, particularly TV.

2. Virtual reality.

3. People are stupid.

The Lalondes claim that the Antichrist will quickly rise to power thanks to TV. Besides enabling the rapid spread of news around the globe, TV has distorted our perception of reality. For example, popular entertainment like Star Trek has made the incredible credible. When Christians disappear across the globe, bodily raptured into heaven, the Antichrist will explain it away through teleportation technology, no supernaturalism involved. The Great Deceiver will say he used technology like Star Trek's transporter beam to put all Christians into a "holding tank" until a new world order is created, one where "no man has gone before."

And what reason does the Antichrist give to beaming the Christians away? The answer is found on page 56:

"The first thing he could tell the ones remaining is that the Christians have been holding the rest of the planet back. He could tell them they are ready for the next step of enlightenment, maybe even the next step of evolution, and now, with the Christians out of the way, there is nothing to stop them from discovering their destiny."

The Lalondes contend that some people have been conditioned by "the gospel of Star Trek," i.e., the future as envisioned by Gene Roddenberry, full of promise and hope thanks to scientific breakthroughs. Mankind will survive and evolve and meet other races in the universe.

Besides Star Trek, entertainment like The X-Files and ET has made the existence of aliens acceptable . So if an entity purporting to be from another world arrives via a spaceship one day, no one would doubt his story.

And don't forget all those reports of UFOs, another factor making the existence of aliens acceptable to many. The Lalondes note that Satan is called in the bible "the prince of the power of the air" (Eph. 2:2). The logic is inescapable: UFOs are seen in the air, Satan is the air power prince, ergo UFOs are Satanic.

To push their point, the Lalondes use a quote by UFO researcher Jacques Vallee in which he observes some UFO incidents are like demonic encounters. As far as I know, Vallee isn't a born-again Christian and his views don't involve the reality of Satan (only some sort of entities pretending to be demons), but that doesn't stop the Lalondes from suggesting that Vallee believes in the demonic UFO theory.

2000 A.D. kind of rambles a bit, talking about artificial intelligence and animatronics, even suggesting at one point that a pseudo-alien (a deception by the Antichrist) could appear and get the people of the world all in line. (Apparently the Lalondes saw that Outer Limits episode, Architects of Fear.)

Of course, the New Age crowd takes a few lumps from the Lalondes, portrayed as a group of dupes like the Star Trek Gospel gang. And since New Agers are into UFOs, they would also fall for the alien deception. Throw in virtual reality distorting everyone's perceptions and mankind would be conditioned for conquest. (This last part was based upon the Lalondes' prediction that most people would be plugged into VR machines by now. Obviously they over-anticipated that development.)

For anyone looking for the particulars about enslaving the world, 2000 A.D. falls short. The Lalondes suggest and infer but for the most part don't come out and say how it would go down exactly. In fact, they were cautious enough back in 1997 to hedge on the year 2000 being the marker for the end-time, mentioning that it might arrive a few years later. (It's now 2011 and counting...)

But, my friend, you're only interested in conquering mankind. Obviously, it doesn't matter if Satan doesn't exist, that the Antichrist is a fantasy. With all the Christians blindly believing in God and the Devil, it's obvious that anyone with the right technology can deceive them as well as those suckers into New Age woo or the gospel of Star Trek.

You could manipulate the Christians by letting them assume you're the Antichrist, staying one step ahead of them. They would be fighting you on the wrong terms. You wouldn't have to teleport them into holding tanks. In fact, no Rapture would make them doubt their beliefs.

And it would be easy to turn the Star Trekker/New Ager dupes against the Christians, saying that you, a benevolent being from another world, have been falsely accused of being the mythical Antichrist. Both groups would be too busy fighting each other to focus on you.

But how do you set up this situation? The devil is in the details. But I know how to pull it off after thinking about the Lalondes' ideas.

If you want the particulars, dear friend, please send all of your money to my bank account in Nigeria.


X. Dell said...

Any chance this book was sold as humorous?

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Ray Palm said...

X. Dell:

Sarcasm, huh? Well, there is this blurb on the back cover of 2000 A.D.:

"...easy, conversational and often laugh out loud funny...Prophecy like you've never heard before!"

But that refers to some humor in the book. Overall Peter and Paul Lalonde are serious. For example:

But they've moved on to movie production:

And here's the view of a "fan" who thinks Peter Lalonde takes himself too seriously:

"I've met Lalonde several times at prophecy conferences, and every time I see him at one of these meetings he leaves me with a bad impression. When dealing with people at his book table, he displayed a very haughty spirit. The main job of a prophecy speaker is to serve the public. Lalonde repeatedly acted as if the public was there to service his ego."

Ray Palm said...

Smith Alan:

ThanX for the compliment. Now take your phony anti-impotence pills and shove them up your ass, spammer.

Doug said...

"Smith Alan"? Let's see... could that be an anagram of... "L Him Satan"?

I bet he wants you to think those boner pills are the work of... aliens! Of course, they will make one want to... conquer the world!

(Alright. Enough ellipsis and exclamation points. No... one more!)

X. Dell said...

Doug's better at anagrams than I.

Spammers. I once had to remove over three thousand spam comments from some @#@! in Taipei. Of course, that was shortly before I got word verification.

BTW, shoving pills up there doesn't seem conducive to curing male sexual dysfunction. Might do something for women, though.