Sunday, May 08, 2011

Time Travel Validated Obama's Destiny

During his 2008 campaign Barack Obama didn't have to worry about being elected to the presidency of the United States. It was a done deal, time-traveling government agents told him.

According to researcher Alfred Lambremont Webre (see links below) the president belongs to a third generation CIA family. Someone else under the control of the CIA. Ho-hum.

But what makes this CIA-connected conspiracy stand out is that the Agency has access to quantum access time travel. According to Webre and a whistle blower named Andrew D. Basiago (link below), a highly-classified operation called Project Pegasus allows the government to probe into the space-time continuum, using Tesla technology to teleport someone into the past or future or to somewhere like Mars.

Basiago claims that as a young child in the 1970's he served as a Project Pegasus chrononaut. Future presidents -- both Bushes and Bill Clinton -- had been "pre-identified" through time travel probes. He says that in 1982 Barack Obama was aware that one day he would sit in the White House thanks to pre-identification information provided by the government.

This time travel talk bugs me. Look at how the government screws up stuff at times thanks to boobs in its employ. It has time travel and hasn't made any major mistakes to reveal that secret like cavemen suddenly wandering around Times Square, clubbing people over the head?

And why tell a presidential candidate that his election is in the bag? Wouldn't that make the candidate question the existence of free will? I could see Obama resent being nothing more than a puppet of destiny, compelled to try fighting the future.

Unless he's being controlled by a microchip implanted in his brain...

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"Hidden story behind Jesse Ventura & Piers Morgan’s CNN clash over Obama CIA ties" By Alfred Lambremont Webre April 18th, 2011 10:10 am PT

"Investigative reporter: Newly released Obama birth certificate forensic forgery" By Alfred Lambremont Webre April 29th, 2011 6:45 pm PT

"CLASSIFIED US Government time travel 'quantum access' capability REVEALED by government whistleblower" Monday, 18 April 2011 20:12


Doug said...

Time travel is the easiest thing to cover up; any slip is corrected by going back and preventing from happening. This comment will not exist after someone from the future stops me from leaving it.

X. Dell said...

Some people wouldn't accept documentary evidence they witnessed being made if it clashed with what they wish to believe.

Obviously, Obama has connections to Intel (he did, after all, author the presidential finding that set up bin Laden). But this goes off the deep end. Thanks for posting these links.

BTW, Doug, someone from the future might not keep you from posting that comment, but someone in the future could delete both our comments. Would there be a substantive difference?

Marvin the Martian said...

Ridiculous, I completely agree. There's no reason they would have told Obama his future - it's just part of the "Messiah" meme which insists Obama is The One. And there's no way they could implant a chip in his brain, because there has to be a brain there.