Friday, March 25, 2011

Vortex Or Void

On Dec. 21st, 2012 at 11:11 Universal Time "UFO Lawyer" Peter Gersten will take a leap of faith from a towering summit in Sedona, Arizona. He will enter an interdimensional portal to elsewhere -- or not.

It's a somewhat complicated story about how Gersten came to this decision. At his Website -- 11:11 Invitation 2012 -- he explains how the symbolism of 11:11 took on sudden importance in his life. In October 1998 Gersten noticed that 11:11 and its variations (1111, 111,11) kept popping up at different times and places, more than any other number combination, with digital devices and even with other shapes and forms. He wondered about the significance of these events.

On the Internet some people learned that they were not alone, others were also seeing 11:11 in a special context. For example, when someone happened to check his digital watch, the time would be 11:11, the number occurring more than random chance. Seeing that number would cause a strange sensation, a sense of something greater than mere coincidence.

From this a concept grew that there was a mystical connection, that the 11:11 phenomena was part of enlightenment and spiritual ascension. After spending most of his life dealing with the practicalities of law, it seems Gersten had no problem embracing this New Age belief despite the lack of solid evidence.

Then again, Gersten in one way wasn't a practical lawyer. A legal practitioner since 1970, he ended up with the nickname of UFO Lawyer because of his interest in uncovering the truth about aerial phenomena. From 1997 to 2000 he represented different UFO groups, filing FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests to gain access to records held by various governmental agencies.

He was also involved in the personal injury lawsuit filed by Betty Cash, Vicky and Colby Landrum who claimed there were exposed to radiation during an UFO encounter in the Texas countryside one night in December 1980. The UFO was shaped like an upright diamond, spewing flame and heat from its bottom opening. Many military helicopters were in the area. The implication of the Cash-Landrum case was the device was an out-of-control government experiment. The case was dismissed because the plaintiffs couldn't prove their story.

I wonder if the outcome of that case was a key factor in the formation of Gersten's 11:11 WS (winter solstice) 2012 belief. After all, his clients had health issues and if the US government was indeed responsible, then seeing it escape any responsibility would sour one's world view, creating a need for some sort of positive validation to existence. Just speculation on my part.

One key influence that Gersten does share is a scene from the made-for-TV adaptation of Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles. Gersten didn't have a chance to watch the entire series when it originally ran (January 1980) but four years ago he viewed it on videotape. He describes the mini-series as poor and boring. No argument there.

In the series people from Earth are settling Mars which has a generally terran climate and atmosphere. It's suspected that Martians -- who supposedly died out eons before -- still lurk about. Gersten at his site shares a clip from the series that had a great impact on his life. In the scene a religious leader, Father Peregrine, wants to prove that the Martians are still alive. Three glowing globes approach him in the barren wilderness. To prove they are real, he leaps from the cliff and before he hits the ground, one of the globes saves him.

To Gersten this was the only gem in the entire muck of the miniseries. He was so affected by that scene he replayed it again and again. Despite the poor quality of the clip at his site, it's obvious the scene is shot in a location with red cliffs and summits. Looks familiar. Like photos I've seen of Sedona, Arizona.

The summit where Gersten plans his leap of faith is Bell Rock, so called because it's roughly shaped like a bell. Bell Rock and other areas in Sedona are known for "vortexes," places of increased earth energies that can raise self-awareness and promote healing. To Gersten this all ties in, vortexes, 11:11 symbolism, winter solstice 2012. Apparently he believes that some sort of super-vortex will occur. transporting him through an interdimensional doorway to the galactic center and Eternity.

Will he be leaping into a higher reality -- or just into the black unknown?


Marvin the Martian said...

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. It's random chance. There IS no underlying meaning. And it's all imposed by artificial date- and time-keeping methods anyway. The very fact that we imposed such a discrete layer of interpretation on a fluid, dynamic, moving target such as time, means that any "order" we see in the flow is merely of our own creation.

Doug said...

Where he lands may be a matter of where he believes he has landed. The mind is a powerful thing.

But wouldn't it suck for him if it was as dull as here?