Friday, December 10, 2010

Too Short? Too Bad

I've received a couple of comments that my hardcopy - snail mail zine, the Ray X X-Rayer, is too short of a read.

Guess what. I ain't writing War And Peace.

My zine is a collection of posts from my blog. I slap it together when I feel like it. Sometimes it's only four pages, other times longer. Considering that I only charge a lousy dollar for it, it's not worth the time and effort to produce it, sort it, and then get it out in the mail. I would rather do all my writing online and leave all the meatspace bullshit behind.

If you find my paper zine is too short, then produce your own that meets your length requirements. You'll see how easy it is.

Anyway, zining is supposed to be about individual, independent expression.


X. Dell said...

Actually, I'd take that complaint as a backhanded compliment. You seem to be delivering the goods your readers want. They just want more of it.

I wouldn't advocate doing anything other than what you're doing, however. Quality, you know. Not quantity.

Regan Lee said...

Good for you Ray. I agree with "X-Dell" -- keep doing it your way. And thank you.

Ray said...

ThanX, Regan and X. Dell. It's that time of year -- winter holidays -- when I feel really irritable and have to rant. This year I decided to vent on something besides the lousy gray weather and Xma$.