Monday, September 27, 2010

Alien Saviors To Appear Oct. 13th

Tentatively, that is.

Retired Air Force Officer Stanley A. Fulham apparently is hedging his bets by saying 10/13/10 is the day that alien craft might provide a spectacular display over principal cities here on Planet Earth. I'm not too excited because where I live, Plattsburgh, NY, isn't a principal city. (Hell, it isn't even a city.)

And it seems these aliens are being a bit snooty about visiting. According to Fulham who gets his info via a "world renowned channeler," the aliens don't want to initially contact us because of the fear and panic that might result, so no planetfall or direct communications, just a massive show of their craft. (Or maybe they don't want to rub elbows -- or whatever they have analogous to elbows -- with the terran hoi polloi.)

Then why the (tentative) UFO display? Mankind is poisoning the planet and it has to wake up before it's too late. The aliens, called Transcenders (cousins to the Transformers?), are a group of ethereal beings who have lived for eons in various incarnations. They have seen other worlds pollute themselves to death. The (tentative) display will be the first step by the aliens, making mankind realize that it is not alone in the universe. From this breaking-in period the Transcenders will eventually make contact and save our world from CO2 pollution, cleaning up our bad act by 2015 or sooner.

Fulham has written a book, Challenges of Change (3rd ed.), that details his knowledge of UFOs since World War II and later with NORAD. With shades of Major Philip J. Corso, his book explains the government is aware of ET visitations but believes mankind isn't ready for the shocking truth. To borrow a line from Saucer Smear editor, Jim Moseley: Wheee!

The PR release laying this all out ends with this key point:

"Fulham clarifies there are no absolutes; the principal of free will and choice that exits with all souls precludes all absolute realities, and the aliens may decide to postpone their intervention -- but the Transcenders confirm it will nonetheless occur in 2010."

Me, I won't be surprised if the intervention is moved up to 2011, 2012, 2013...

I'd like to be wrong but how many times has this story been told before without the promised pay-off?



Doug said...

Well, if these aliens are going to clean up our environment for us I'm going to go out an buy an SUV, run my air conditioning, drink only bottled water and not recycle! Heck, maybe I'll burn some tires just for the hell of it.

X. Dell said...

I doubt that Cincinnati qualifies as a major US city, even if the Reds take the NL Central. I won't be looking skyward any more than I usually do.

Marvin the Martian said...

Ha, I'm planning to be elsewhere. ;-)

X. Dell said...

It's now the 13th, almost noon. Haven't heard the invasion forces yet.