Thursday, June 03, 2010

Papernet: Theme Zine Has Devil In The Details

There must be a market for a zine about devil girls.
Randy Robbins publishes a review zine called Narcolepsy Press Review that reviews – well, zines. And with his last snail mailing of NPN I found another surprise in the 6 X 9 envelope: You’re an Angel, You L’il Devil #4.

The small booklet is loaded with photos and drawings of horny – I mean horned – females. It’s amazing how such a niche zine can find so much material, including drawings contributed by readers with an artistic bent.

If your interest is piqued, send two dollars (bills) to Randy Robbins, PO Box 17131, Anaheim, CA 92817-7131. Please mention Ray X sent you.

1 comment:

X. Dell said...

My mom says all women have horns, except for her.