Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Gosh, I Didn't Know That

Amazing what you can learn from listening to right-wing ham radio operators during their on-air discussions.

Take the last meeting of the Liberty Net (June 5th, 2010). Some info is so startling that when you hear it live, you say to yourself: "Did he really say that?" Fortunately for me and future historians, a Website -- http://3950.net -- archives recordings of each Saturday-night-into-early-Sunday-morning discussions. That way I can play back the comment and verify to my boggled mind that I did hear what I thought I had heard, right down to the hour, minute, and second.

For example, check out the June 5th recording (archived as Liberty Net - 2010-0605) around 1 hour, 39 minutes, 40 seconds [ 1:39:40 ]. Vic Misek, net coordinator, is talking about the Gulf Oil Spill, that the damaged rig should be examined to see if it had been hit by a torpedo. Then he makes this fascinating statement about the impact of the spill:

"The disaster I believe is overblown. Oil has been leaking into the Gulf of Mexico for thousands of years. A lot of it just seeps up from the bottom, there's a lot of oil under the Gulf of Mexico and some of it naturally comes up into the Gulf and the oil is eventually consumed by petroleum-consuming bacteria."

Really. There has always been oil-soaked wildlife and countless tar balls along the Gulf shores? I never knew that. From what I've seen on TV, that petroleum-consuming bacteria have been slacking off. Or maybe they're just a bit overworked lately.

Skip ahead to around 3:20:18. Discussion is focused on the dumbing down of the American public at large by the US gene pool being "stupefied" by illegal immigrants. This "demographic degeneration" is why Barack Obama was elected president, according to Vic Misek.

Then another Lib Netter, Vern Kaspar, makes the comment that he's heard that most black men are preferring to marry white women. This will also affect the overall intelligence of the US population.

Vic agrees with him, adding this statement: "The average mulatto intelligence falls halfway between the average black and the average white."

Really. I'd like to see the scientific study that supports that "dumb" statement. Please email the info, Vic.


Anonymous said...

Try reading the book the Bell Curve and you'll learn something about class, race, and intelligence.

X. Dell said...

Anonymous is correct. You'll learn that well financed think tanks are adept at utilizing pseudoscience for progaganda.

"The average mulatto intelligence falls halfway between the average black and the average white."

If Vic were using himself as an example, that would seem to indicate that "purebred" African Americans are intellectually superior. Does he really mean to say that?