Saturday, May 01, 2010

Time Suck

I wasted about an hour yesterday trying to get the crosspost app at Facebook to automatically include posts from this blog. The feature worked OK until recently; it just stopped without warning.

I'm not a Facebook fan but some people check out all their stuff there and so I used crossposting to make it more convenient for them to follow my thoughts.

Someone (Hat Tip: Doug) told me that the app would work again if you reset it. But with all the digital knowledge crammed into my head, I couldn't remember how to access the crosspost feature.

Of course, Facebook's Help was useless. I managed to find the answer via Google and even that took some time. When I did access the proper Facebook page, the link box I needed was missing. Taking a chance, I clicked on Page 2 and the link finally appeared on that page. Convenient, easy to access Facebook. I've heard complaints that changing the privacy settings involves even more hoops to jump through.

Now to see if this post will go through. If not, I'll do it the old-fashioned way, pasting the link in at Facebook.

Computers suck time!!

And as a time suck, Facebook is the worse. Don't be surprised to see me disappear from there.

I should be researching and writing, not trying to figure out nonsense.

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X. Dell said...

"Time suck." Quite a term. Since you've first posted about the concept, I've begun to notice the time computers (and other machines, for that matter) actually take away from our lives. I'm especially sensitive to the issue now that I have almost no time for blogging these days.