Saturday, May 01, 2010

Notable Points: TJ And The Star Fleet

At contributor TJ Morris has posted another intriguing article with concepts spanning from the metaverse to the xenoverse. Such a sweeping span would boggle the average reader but TJ puts her cosmic concepts into personal terms, showing how they relate to her earthly existence. She admits her experiences sound like science fiction but insists they are true.

Entitled "TJ Morris Shares The Andromeda Galaxy Star Fleet," I gleaned these fascinating details from her essay:

> In a previous existence TJ lived in the Andromeda galaxy.

> Here on Gaia (planet Earth in the Milky Way galaxy) she searched out other intelligences beyond this world through meditation and prayer.

> She's now in contact with the Andromeda Star Fleet hovering over our world, a global fleet of 27 different species.

> She and the intelligences of the Star Fleet will work with quantum scientists to explain exobiology and existentialism to the people of Gaia.

> Andromedians can communicate through common speech or by telepathy. Their telepathic range is about six feet on our planet.

> TJ has trained for this work in both reality and dream state.

Here is the link to her article.

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X. Dell said...

Interesting article. I would bet good money against TJ's interpretation about her experiences, but she does raise some fascinting points. For starters, if there is life that occurs in the "metaverse," how might they communicate with other life forms on Earth except through means that we nowadays think of as spiritual (at best--hokum, at worst)?

Jung thought that certain anomalies witnessed by one or few gave rise to religion. That was the main reason for his interest in UFOs. He saw ufology as an example of a religion in the making, a fascinating opportunity for the social scientist to study the origins of belief systems. Borrowing from Jacques Vallee (and Einstein) for a second, if there were extradimensional life forms clashing with our own, that might explain such sightings as leprechauns, gray aliens, or possibly your beloved Champ.