Sunday, May 02, 2010

No Accidents: It's All A Conspiracy

Interesting tidbits from the latest gathering of the Liberty Net that started on Saturday night, May 1, around 10 PM and carried into Sunday morning.

(For those of you unaware of this net, it is a weekly on air meeting of ham radio operators in the US who share extreme right-wing views.)

A main topic: the tremendous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. It was emphasized that the offshore rig explosion occurred on Earth Day. Of course, that can't be a coincidence, say a few of the LibNet gang. The Mega-Conspiracy must have planned the explosion and the resulting spill for that particular date.

It's all a plot by President Obama, claimed a LibNetter, to push liberal green energy sources over traditional ones. How else can you turn the public against new offshore drilling?

Also the contrived spill forces this country to use oil under the control of China. Obama, of course, is really a communist, he serves his red masters, at least not when he's working for Islamic terrorists.

I heard the Liberty Net via an audio stream on a site. The site also includes a running chat session that parallels the broadcast. Online commenters blamed the usual suspects for the oil rig disaster. Russia, China, or "the HEEBS" must've "torpedoed" the platform.

But most of the action was still on air, especially when it came to connecting the dots. That recent coal mine explosion in West Virginia -- the Mega-Con had to be behind that to get people against coal. See how it all fits together?

What's next on the secret agenda of the Mega-Con? One LibNetter said an explosion at a nuclear power plant.

So if by some chance a nuke plant does have problems, it isn't an accident: it's a calculated move by the Mega-Con.

Subscribe to the LibNet POV and you'll believe accidents never happen. There is never an element of chance; everything is mapped out by the great shadowy powers that control our fates.

I suppose if I could have the same mindset, then the world would be easier place to deal with. No disturbing gray to challenge me.

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X. Dell said...

A number of academics who have studied conspiracy culture use movements like this to either characterize conspiracy research and issues, or to include it as something on equal footing to more serious studies (e.g., the JFK assassination).

Then again, one can always accuse LibNet of being a Nazi conspiracy.