Friday, May 21, 2010

Conspiracy Theorist Rush Limbaugh

Environmental "wackos" might have blown up the BP oil rig that is gushing disaster into the Gulf of Mexico, according to Rush Limbaugh.

Sure. And if someone attacks this blog and shuts it down, I'll blame it on neo-Nazi Zionist Amish radicals. (We all know how dangerously tech-savvy Amish radicals are.)

I used to tune in Rush's right-wing conservative circus / radio show to verify that he remained a bloviating bag of bullshit. But thanks to the Internet Rush's stupid comments can be found without the pain of listening to an entire program.

One of the few times I tuned in Rush he was saying that the Democrats might have screwed up the economy so that Obama could be elected. I did some Googling and learned that informative comment was spewed way back on December 22nd, 2008. When I heard it I thought how appropriate it was to spread such negative BS during the holiday season.

His "Democrats did in the economy" theory involved NY Senator Chuck Schumer starting a run on a California bank during the summer, creating panic and unease that helped the evil liberal Demos win the White House and gain more seats in Congress. Rush said that this part of a plan by Obama and the Democrats to push the nationalization of US industries -- that Commie take-over type of stuff that the John Birch Society used to foist on the public.

But what's so funny is that Rush in the past wouldn't tolerate any Illuminati / New World Conspiracy theories to discussed on his program when listeners called in. At -- a web site warning the public that the NWO plot is "spiritually based," i.e., it's God Vs. Satan -- there is an open letter to Rush, taking him to task for his disbelief:

"On March 11, 1998, Rush Limbaugh reiterated his long standing policy against any consideration of 'Conspiracy Theories' as a possible explanation for any event(s) that have occurred in history, or which might occur in the future. In a phone conversation with another Conservative host, Rush said that such a belief constituted 'Intellectual Laziness', and, of course, he, Rush Limbaugh, would not and could not condone such a belief."

But on occasion Rush is throwing out stuff just as "intellectually lazy" as anything promulgated by the anti-NWO crowd. Environmental wackos blowing up the Deepwater Horizon rig to stop President Obama's plan for more offshore drilling. It's like something out of a bad movie -- a bad movie like "Special Bulletin," a made-for-TV turkey from 1983 in which radical scientists concerned about the proliferation of nuclear weapons build a homemade A-bomb and threaten to set it off unless all nuclear detonators are removed from Charleston, South Carolina. Of course, the wackos end up accidentally blowing up Charleston.

Anyway, here's an audio link so that you can hear Rush in his own words theorizing why environmentalists decided to save the environment by destroying it:

And by the way, Rush has also claimed that Obama wants to ban sports fishing. Now there's a fish story if I ever heard one.


X. Dell said...

When one watched visual clips of Sen. Joseph McCarthy back in the 50s, one could get the impression that he didn't really believe what he was saying. As it turns out, he was indifferent to whether there was any merit to his accusations regarding Communists in high places. He just wanted to be re-elected.

With the talking points memos that seem to have been the rage among the right (and now, increasingly among moderates and liberals) for many years, maybe all this birther/economic sabotage/sports fishing talk from Limbaugh is simply adherence to the bread and butter that pays him. I kinda get the feeling he doesn't believe it either.

They must be getting pretty desperate.

Doug said...

Of course, one does wonder if there was any conspiracy back in the '70s that kept Americans from getting in to alternative energy to power their cars after the oil shortage then, which might have prevented there even being an oil rig today for these environmenterrorists to destroy.

Oh wait. That was probably corporate greed and general laziness. Nothing Rush would cover on his show (no point in alienating his audience).

I hadn't heard about Obama banning sport fishing. Egad, what will happen to my sport fishing fantasy league? It's good that Rush is watching out for me.

Ray said...

X. Dell:

But don't call Rush an "entertainer." Even though years ago he didn't mind the term, now he's become a solid trustworthy journalist who won't have his efforts sullied by the "entertainer" label.


Of course Rush is watching out for you -- while watching out for himself. But if he has to choose between you and him... sorry.