Thursday, March 04, 2010

Gee, I Didn't Know That

Want jaw-dropping insights? Tune in with shortwave radio.

No, I don't mean getting info from broadcasts from other countries far away like China and Australia. There's plenty of enlightenment available right here in the United States via SW.

For years a group of ham radio superpatriots have been meeting every Saturday to discuss "issues of the day." Heard generally along the east cost in the 75 meter band, the Liberty Netters know what's going on with the Megaconspiracy to destroy democracy and enslave all free minds.

I thought the Liberty Net gang were the only ones to indulge in such deep probes into the Shadow Government until I stumbled upon another ham radio operator with his own take on the grand machinations behind the scenes. Apparently not affiliated with the LibNet, this guy claims that the source of all evil is the Pope. Yup, the Catholic Conspiracy is behind all the bad crap in the world.

Take this amazing fact: the Knights of Columbus -- a seemingly fraternal order known for charitable acts, a Catholic version of the Freemasons -- pick all the US presidents.

Who knew?


X. Dell said...

Let's see. In my life, I've heard about megaconspiracies from (1) international Jewish bankers; (2) communists; (3) ordinary leftists, such, as myself; (4) Muslims; (5) gray aliens from outer-space; (6) The Illuminati; (7) Le Prieuré de Sion; (8) Reptilians; (9) enviornmentalists (the "Aquarian Conspiracy"); (10) the system; and (11) MMORDIS; and (12) just about anyone else who doesn't have a real and organized power base.

Seems like it's unfair to leave the Catholic Church out of the mix. Not to say that the church doesn't have blood on its hands.

Actually, I've never been into ham radio. Maybe I should, just to get a listen to it. I'm always in the mood for farce.

Doug said...

KoC? This explains so much.

Ray said...


I dunno. KFC might make more sense than KoC. Colonel Sanders was probably a 35 degree Mason.

X. Dell:

When it comes to conspiracy theories, you can mix and match any way you want.

Please don't take this post as a slam against ham radio. The conspiracy guys are a tiny minority among radio amateurs. Most hams just yak about the weather and their equipment.

If you want farce, then tune in a domestic shortwave broadcaster like WCCR in Nashville, Tennessee.

Doug said...

It's lucky that these kooks never discovered the internet.

Ray said...


Damn, you must have great filters with your web browser and search engine. [G]