Wednesday, February 03, 2010

XR #69

Finally. It's been formatted, printed, collated, stapled, stuffed into envelopes, and dropped off at the post office.

Why can't a hardcopy zine be as easy as a blog post, just some typing, proofreading, and with a touch of a button, it's published and distributed?

When I started the Ray X X-Rayer it was a lot of fun. But I'm spoiled by blogging, especially when I don't have to worry about so many pages to be filled, margins, lay out, all the restrictions I have with paper. The main restriction I have online -- a self-imposed one -- is trying to be concise, keeping my posts around 500 words.

This time around I took a somewhat different approach. Instead of just reprinting blog posts into a zine format, the latest XR is semi-original. Some of the material is new and the rest is re-written as needed. This makes it easier to fit my stuff into the confines of a hardcopy format.

XR #69 is available as a PDF file over at . So you can read it onscreen or print it out.

Now it's time to write about the Uncommon and the Unusual, instead of bitching about hardcopy zining or computer problems.


X. Dell said...

The zine looks great.

Ray said...

ThanX. I think you're referring to the PDF version over at, right? I finally got a handle on how to convert a Word document into PDF with minimal trouble.

X. Dell said...

I just you primo, to print, and either Word, Paint or Serif-Plus for text and graphic overlays.

Still, it does look great.