Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Councillor And The Tutued ET

Councillor Adrian Hicks of Winchester, England,
paid an artist to recreate the alien
he spotted on the street back in 2004.

If you're going to see an alien wearing ballet shoes and a tutu it might as well be on High Street.

It happened one Saturday afternoon in 2004, maybe in late January or early February, Adrian Hicks doesn't remember the exact date. He was near a bookstore on High Street in Winchester, England, when he spotted the humanoid woman attired in an outre ballet outfit. She could pass for human, he stated, despite her large oval eyes, twirling arms and waddling gait.

In one video interview Hicks returned to the spot and recreated for a journalist the alien's penguin-like walk and twirling arms.

Hicks waited until March 2009 to publicly talk about the encounter. Why? Politics. Employed as a orthopaedic technician for 35 years, he decided to run for city councillor and didn't want the bizarre event to affect his chances of winning. The same event that motivated him to seek office.

After winning his seat, Hicks decided to speak out about the sighting of the tutued blonde ET. He said the street was busy that day and others also saw the strange figure as she waddled down the street. In fact, someone took photographs and he has asked that person to come forward with those images.

Hicks believes in the "Cosmic Watergate" theory promoted by UFO researcher Stanton Friedman. In videos available via his web site and You Tube, the councillor claims that the shadowy organization Majestic has been covering up the presence of aliens on this planet.

What happened to Hicks on that strange Saturday back in 2004? Could it be that an ordinary human with a wild SF bent for performance art was just screwing around?

I've done some digging through Google and so far I haven't found anyone who has claimed to have perpetrated the ET on the street occurrence. People who know him, according to one UFO researcher, say the middle-aged Hicks is an ordinary "sound" man.

Hicks belongs to the Liberal Democrat party. In an article that appeared in The Daily Echo newspaper, a Lib Dem leader stated: “Adrian is an excellent councillor and works really hard for his constituents. His UFO beliefs are his beliefs and have nothing to do with the Liberal Democrats.”

This situation leaves open all sorts of questions. If it was performance art or a hoax, then why haven't the other people on the street come forward and say they saw it too? Or maybe Hicks was the victim of another kind of trickster, one that put on the special event for only the councillor, no one else.

Maybe somewhere in another dimension a ultraterrestrial being is enjoying the joke he pulled one day on the appropriately named High Street.

[ Hat tip: I first heard about the tutued ET sighting through Rick and Carol Hilberg's Flying Saucer Digest zine. 377 Race St., Berea, OH 44017 ]


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Councillor Adrian Hick's Official Web Site

"UFOS and crop circles in Southern England - A long and entangled story. Putting the pieces together we get a 'message'." By Colin Andrews


X. Dell said...

(1) "Or maybe Hicks was the victim of another kind of trickster, one that put on the special event for only the councillor, no one else."

Could this have been a bit of street theatre designed to discredit a rival politician? I think I would guess that before I would guess true alien encounter.

(2) I've actually had a similar encounter. About fifteen years ago, at an amusement park, I saw this teenybopper with the characteristic almond-shaped eyes that were too large to hide behind her floppy sunglasses. She also had the penguin gait, and a grayish sort of palor.

My best guess is that there might be some sort of rare condition that does this, hence, perhaps, the predominance of this kind of alien sighting. I got the sense that the girl I saw had become quite sensitive to stares (I guess I looked at her a little too long). That's a pretty human reaction.

I'd bet good money that Councillor Hicks saw a fellow Homo Sapiens.

Ray Palm (Ray X) said...

In trying to keep my post short and to the point I omitted one detail. This is an excerpt from an article by David Haith:

= = =

"Working at the Royal Hampshire Hospital as an orthopaedic technician, Adrian revealed he is in the accident and emergency department.

He said: "I know what human limbs look like - I set broken bones. Clearly she was not human - you could tell by the way her limbs moved. Her eyes, which were slightly pinky, were twice the size of human eyes."

= = =

The article can be found here:

I might follow up on this in another post. I try to break down one topic into smaller segments. Right now I reviewing the You Tube videos by Hicks and might write a summation of what he believes (even though most of it at first impression is stuff I've heard before, the "Cosmic Watergate" theory).

ThanX for the feedback.

Doug said...

One must concede the possibility that if beings are advanced enough for interstellar travel that eventually there could develop in them a condescension toward us, and from that a desire to just screw with us.

Or it could be a desire for us to screw with a us. However, that could be either the "penguin" as a farce or the way that revealing such an incident is considered political suicide.