Friday, December 11, 2009

Norway Spiral: What Really Happened

Image: Anita Olsen/AP

Scene: Monitoring center deep underground, manned by agents codenamed "Wally" and "Beav."

MIB #1: "Damn, it's all over the Web. Videos, photos."

MIB #2: "Huh?"

MIB #1: "They're calling it the Norway Spiral. Leave it to those idiot ETs to open up a hyperspace aperture over there at night. Cripes, look at the detail. Seen for miles."

MIB #2: "So what do we do, Wally? We have to cover this up."

MIB #1: "Let's check the Phil Klass CUE files on the computer."

MIB #2: "CUE?"

MIB #1: "Cover Up Explanatory files, ya dope. OK, here we go. Test missile goes off course, spews rocket propellant off at an angle, creating a spiral pattern. Bluish color - tiny sapphires - sunlight bouncing off aluminum oxide -"

MIB #2: "Sunlight? But this happened at night."

MIB #1: "Yeah, but there's enough science junk in here to throw the public off. Well, the Ruskies owe us a favor so get them on the horn."

MIB #2: "Gee, we're going to say it was a Russian rocket?"

MIB #1: "That's what we're here for, ya goof."

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X. Dell said...

Sounds to me as though Wally and Beav are both avatars of Lumpy Rutherford.

I haven't spent much time looking at the NS. I don't know if the real question is whether or not this is a UFO or a failed Soviet rocket. I don't really have a solid basis for challenging the official explanation. As far as I know at the present time, it makes sense.

I think the real question here harkens to the "boy who cried wolf" scenario. No matter how sensible the official explanation seems, can we really trust it when the official explaners have lied to us so many times before (and have admitted to doing so every once and awhile)?