Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Chemtrailing An Alien Invention?

Over at piglipstick.blogspot.com writer nolocontendere sees many events in a conspiratorial light, evidence of the machinations of what he calls "our self ordained Masters of the World." Nolocontendre thinks these Masters want to cull the herd -- the common people -- through bio-warfare.

In a post entitled "Epidemics" (11/28/09) he presents excerpts from "The Gods of Eden" by William Bramley, a book that claims that an alien presence lurking in the shadows has been calling the shots since the beginning of time. Bramley questions the common knowledge of how the Black Death spread through Europe starting in 1347, killing -- according to one estimate -- about one third of the population in four years.

It wasn't fleas hitching rides on rodents, says Bramley. During the Plague Years there were reports of strange foul-smelling mists after bright lights -- UFOs -- were spotted in the sky. It was a period of great UFO activity. Many physicians of that time, Bramley adds, connected the mists with the Black Death.

I haven't read "The Gods of Eden" but I have been reading Piglipstick posts from time to time to get the gist of nolocontendre's worldview. After the book excerpts he mentions that the population at large has been sprayed with chemtrails for years.

(If you're not familiar with the term "chemtrails," it refers to a conspiracy theory involving chemicals or pathogens being sprayed by a plane through its contrails.)

Wrapping up his "Epidemics" post he makes this statement: "I'm not shy about saying that the death cult running the planet at the present time is intimately involved with entities that don't have human origins, and decent people wouldn't begin to consider them to be nice guys."

Nolocontendre explains that he doesn't know what is the origin of this alien presence. It could be David Icke's reptilians, gods of the bible, interdimensional beings, whatever. But he does believe that the Masters work with this presence, one benefit being access to advanced technology -- like chemtrailing. He sums up:

"It would be a safe bet to assume our human overlords are copying them/following orders with this current business of culling the herd, because if Bramley's research has any validity this isn't the first time it's been done."

"...if Bramley's research has any validity..."

That's one big If.


Doug said...

This is why ABC won't be bringing back the new "V" series until March, isn't it? Hitting a little too close for the real extraterrestrials.

Wait. That means they've taken over Disney.

Well, that's not really that surprising...

X. Dell said...

As WWII has taught us that genicidal tendencies linked to occult beliefs (see convicted Nazi war criminal Alfred Rosenberg's "Race and Race History for examples) are no laughing matter.

Unfortunately, I've had to sift through a lot of speculative (not to mentioned bias) chaff to find anything of value on this subject. I'm afraid I found more chaff at that particular link.