Thursday, November 05, 2009

Paranormal Expo: Sorry, I Don't See It

(Another post about the Paranormal Expo held in Plattsburgh, NY on October 24th.)

“Do you see my white aura?” she asked.

The psychic had moved back from the podium during her presentation, standing against a white wall.

Someone in the audience said they could see it.

All I saw was a faint shadow to one side of her cast by the fluorescent ceiling lighting. Was that what she meant?, I thought.

Then she stepped away from her original position and then pointed at that spot.

“See how my aura was left behind?”

Sorry, no. But a woman in the audience said she saw the psychic's aura lingering in place. The psychic replied that she could see the audience member's aura: it was orange.

“I've been told that before,” replied the expo attendee.

Then the speaker gave that woman a reading from the podium, relaxing, closing her eyes. She said the woman was a creative and independent person. So am I.

Then the psychic cut her reading short, saying that there was more information but it was dark and she would share it with the audience member afterward.

I had arrived late for the presentation, only catching this last part. I wondered what I had missed.

Obviously my sixth sense had failed me. I would've got there on time if precognition had compelled me.

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X. Dell said...

There could have been some warming of the audience that had begun before you got there, maybe involving Neural Linguistic Programming or something like it.

Then too, the woman could have been a plant.