Monday, November 02, 2009

Liberal Paranormalist Conservative?

Three key aspects of a successful business: location, location, location.

Shouldn't the same apply to online political ads?

There's a congressional race going on in my neck of the woods, northern New York State. It had been a three-way race but the Republican candidate dropped out; she was considered a RINO (Republican In Name Only) partly because she didn't toe the conservative pro-life line regarding abortion.

Some anti-liberal narrow-minded Republicans got together and are running their own man, Doug Hoffman, as a conservative party candidate. I don't follow politics – most of it is bullshit - but this race has intruded upon my online activities.

One blog I check out is Why?... Thoughts Of An Angry Old Woman. The angry woman is Regan Lee's mother. While Regan is into UFOs with her blog, The Orange Orb, her mother “Skazski” is into politics but with a strong a liberal viewpoint. The other day Skazski was ranting about that buffoon, Rush Limbaugh. Right above her post was an ad for Doug Hoffman:

I found that ad placement to be incongruous. Then I went over to, a site that not only covers UFOS but also related paranormal topics. Guess what I found there, right next to an ad for a creepy sci-fi movie, The Fourth Kind, a film dealing with alien abductions? Yup, another Doug Hoffman ad:

I don't know if the ads are only popping up locally, i.e., computers around here are being identified by location and that's why I'm so blessed with Doug Hoffman ads. But why would a conservative try to sway voters by popping up on a liberal's blog? Better yet, why would a down-to-earth conservative push his POV on an “un-earthly” site like UFO Digest? After all, according to the disclosure movement, politicians – especially those favoring strong government – are keeping the truth about UFOs from the public.

Must be some sort of Illuminati trick...


Doug said...

I'm sure Fox News would attribute it to socialized medicine.

X. Dell said...

(1) Wow, I step away for a week and change, and here you are blogging up a storm. I'll have to play catch up.

(2) Adsense ads most likely hone in on certain keywords. Anything to do with politics might attract any politician--even a conservative on a liberal blog. UFO sites too often have political (or as some say, 'parapolitical') bent, so they probably get flagged too.

Actually, I'm not surprised to see the ad on sites like this. Truth be told, AdSense has done weirder things. For example, there's an artist named Keith Urban, who's had a site for years. Long after Urban's site came online, a country and western singer, also named Keith Urban, tried to sue the artist Keith Urban for the domain name, basically on the premise that the musician was more famous than the painter.

Well, the painter is contesting the suit. But, because he has Adsense, and because AdSense works on keywords, the artist's main advertiser is Keith Urban, the musician. There's nothing that artist Keith Urban can do about it.