Saturday, August 15, 2009

Does Homeland Security Know About This?

I just signed on tonight and found this image (Google is my default page):

No, it’s not a Google time bomb. Apparently it’s some sort of electromagnetic device; the logo is to honor the birth of the Danish inventor, Hans Christian Ørsted (1777-1851), according to

But with all the post 9/11 paranoia that remains, I bet there are those who don’t think it looks that innocent. For example, I’m eXpecting someone will claim that it’s one of those Hidden-In-Plain-Sight Illuminati symbols/messages…


X. Dell said...

Post-9/11 paranoia? Sounds to me like the same old ignorance, reignited. People have always struck out against what they don't understand. 9/11 has just given some people an excuse to snipe--or worst-at what they don't like.

A couple of days after the attack, a National Guardsman assaulted a teenybopper wearing what he took to be an Osama Bin-Laden (and thus potentially threatening) t-shirt.

Nevermind that one's t-shirt might violat the law if ti contains a pornographic message, but a Bin Laden T isn't just cause to pummell someone, whether or not you're wearing a uniform. Problem was, the photo on the shirt wasn't that of Bin Laden, but rather Haile Selaasie. He was a rasta, don't you know.

Ray said...

X. Dell:

Same old ignorance? Yes. Post 9/11 paranoia was indeed a flare-up of what was lurking underneath.

Remember the eruption of racism against Muslims and people of Arab descent after the Oklahoma City Bombing? After all, "reasoned" some unreasonable people, such an act of terrorism had to be done by one of "them," a "non-American" (AKA "non-human").

A Muslim woman, a refugee from Iraq who was living in Oklahoma City, was one victim of the terrorist fears. Someone threw a rock through her window and she was so terrified that her child was stillborn. A citizen of Oklahoma City suggested the creation of internment camps for all Arab Americans.

But all that changed when it turned out the terrorist was homegrown, Timothy McVeigh, light brown hair, blue eyed, a Captain America type.

The classic "The Enemy is Us" syndrome.