Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Computer: Less Time

Computers save time.

Take wordprocessing. Instead of messing around with a typewriter and paper, you can correct and revise on the fly before printing out, producing an article in less time.

Computers eat up time.

Get a new computer and wordprocessing program and you’ll soon discover you have less time for writing. The learning curve cuts into your productivity.

I’ve been sidetracked lately with a new notebook computer. It was the least expensive way to upgrade from what I had with my aging desktop unit. The notebook’s system interface is different from my old desktop. For example, it has two different files called DOCS and Documents, just to make things confusing.

And then there’s learning to use a new software program. That cheap bastard Bill Gates installed on my notebook Windows Office 2007 for only 60 days. I just need a wordprocessing program, not all that other crap that comes with Office. Yes, I know about Open Office, but all I want to do is process words, not figure out my taxes.

So I downloaded a couple of different freeware programs, Jarte and Abiword. Unlike the latest incarnation of Word, they offer simpler layouts, they’re more user friendly. I hate Word 2007 with its cluttered, confusing array of buttons and bars. All wordprocessing programs can provide the same functions but you have to how and where to activate them. Anyway, Jarte and Abiword are OK but learning is still involved.

So my time saving computer consumes chunks of my spare time, meaning that I don’t post here as often as I would like.

But one thing is sure: 2 GB of RAM sure beats 200 MB.


X. Dell said...

I'm hoping you have net access with this machine, to save you from the drudgery of dial-up.

I began word processing on WordPerfect for the PC in the days before windows, when you had to learn a number of different commands to do simple tasks (almost like html). Then again, computers were almost all command-driven, with the exception of the Mac.

I wrote long before wordprossing was en vogue, but I don't think I would have been nearly as prolific were it not for the computer. Despite the time it takes to learn new commands, in the end, I really believe it's faster.

Ray said...

X. Dell:

I agree that wordprocessing sure beats typewriting. It just that I get spoiled after I learn how to use a particular computer or software program - I get really efficient with it - and then I have to go through a learning curve to get back to that level of efficiency.

The other problem is that this old brain is getting too saturated with info. Too much to remember. HTML code, digital voice recording program, computerized photo-editing - procedures, commands, shortcuts, etc. My head hurts.


X. Dell said...

I'm hip.

Doug said...

Computers make us think that everything will be easy, because the myth is that computers make things like typing into word processing. It's still typing.

Computers merely make things difficult in different ways.

Despite the fact that my income relies almost entirely upon them, I remain convinced computers suck. Actually, I think it's because I do...

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