Thursday, April 02, 2009

Halloween: Evil Or Depraved?

A cheaply photocopied pamphlet has been lurking on my desk since last fall, buried among all the other stuff to be processed. It keeps popping up to the surface, daring me to peruse it. It’s time to eXamine this bit of hysteria.

THE TRUTH ABOUT HALLOWEEN was found shoved in a friend’s doorway when he came home one day. He doesn’t know who left it but I can speculate what kind of person wanted to share its startling “facts.”

“Don’t be fooled by what appears to be just a bit of harmless fun!” is emblazoned on page one. Open it up and one learns the “true” history behind Halloween, its satanic origins. Back in 1500 B.C, the Druids held their evil sway over Western Europe. They practiced a cruel kind of magic, using people as human sacrifices, flogging and sexually molesting them before their hearts were torn out.

Whoever passed along this pamphlet was apparently a prude because one line has been crossed out with a black pen. But the most of the line can still be read despite the crude redaction. Referring to the sacrificial victims, it’s stated: “Their sexual organs were cut off and [illegible] to be used in black masses.”


When someone was killed during such dark rituals, it was said the victim Druid his last breath.


Then the pamphlet states: “The Druids taught that on Halloween ghosts, spirits, fairies, witches and elves came out to harm people. From this terrible satanic religion comes the use of witches, ghosts, and cats in today’s celebration of Halloween.” No mention how a kid dressing up as Spider-Man or Strawberry Shortcake is promoting the cutting of sexual organs from innocent victims.

So what kind of stranger left this pamphlet behind? I would guess some old brainwashed biddy whose life has been ruled by indoctrination in supernatural ultra-conservative Xtianity. A wild guess, huh?

I doubt it was a lapsed Druid.


Leigh Hanlon said...

Personally, I don't care for Halloween, but it does have one major redeeming factor: It honks off fundamentalists of EVERY faith.

Ray said...

Except fundamentalist satanists.

X. Dell said...

Since I moved to Washington, most of my library now exists in sealed boxes that I have no intention of unpacking until this summer. But among the (ahem!) "gems" is a little book with a similar title ("The Truth about Holloween," or something very close to it), with almost identical passages, especially the one about cutting off sexual organs in sacrifices, and the Druid priest drawing the last breath.

I paid ten whole dollars for the damn thing, and should have used it for kindling by now. I bought it in Midtown, near 42nd Street, not from a conservative old biddy, but from an Afrocentric street vendor. My book was written with a black audience in mind, so various passages might be worded differently. Then again, they might not. This could be a somewhat under-the-radar "Protocols of Zion" type of thing.

Ray said...

X. Dell:

If you ever see that book again, please don't throw it out. I'll be more than happy to "recycle" it. BTW, the pamphlet I have was prepared by Christian Life Ministeries in Sacramento, CA.